Node.js Hosting

Fast and reliable hosting optimized for Node.js

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Everything needed for your Node.js site

$ 2.95 /month
$5.95/mo when you renew
  • 1 Website
  • 15 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • ~ 25,000 Monthly Visitors
  • 1X Basic Power

EverCloud Plus

More resources for your Node.js site

$ 4.45 /month
$9.95/mo when you renew
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 25 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • ~ 50,000 Monthly Visitors
  • 2X Turbo Power

EverCloud Pro

Ideal for demanding Node.js projects

$ 6.95 /month
$13.95/mo when you renew
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 35 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • ~ 100,000 Monthly Visitors
  • 3X Super Power

Included in Every Plan...

Free Domain Name
cPanel Dashboard
One-click Staging
99.99% Uptime
DDoS Protection
SFTP User Access
24/7 Site Monitoring
GIT Pre-Installed
Daily Backups
Speed of Google
Transactional Emails
Managed Security

Instant One Click Apps

Install over 200+ of your favourite applications free with simple one click install.

  • WordPress - One Click
  • Node.js - One Click
  • Zen Cart - One Click
  • Everything you'll ever need...

Powered by Google Cloud

Being the first managed Node.js host to utilize Google Cloud Platform exclusively, we know it better than anyone! Get lightning-fast load times, 24/7 support from veteran Node.js experts, and free migrations by our team.

  • 300X Perfomance
  • High Speed

Technical Features

LiteSpeed Cache
Redis & Memcached
Google Premium Network
MariaDB 10.3 Server
Google’s QUIC, the HTTP/3
Brotli Compression
Google Cloud DNS
Distributed Cache
Real Time CloudScan
Free Wildcard SSL
AI Anti-Bot System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an Open-source JavaScript-based platform introduced in 2009, by Ryan Dahl, for Linux and MacOS. At a high level, Node.js combines the Google V8 JavaScript engine, a single-threaded non-blocking event loop, and a low-level I/O API. This makes it perfect for server-side scripting unifying it with client-side scripting under the same language. Its package ecosystem – NPM was written by Isaac Schlueter and launched in 2010. Node.js is an extremely scalable open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. With an event-driven and non-blocking I/O design, Node.js is not only extremely lightweight, but it’s also very efficient.

Why use Node.js

Node.js mostly used for non-blocking, event-driven servers, due to its single-threaded nature. It can be used for traditional web sites and back-end API services but designed with real-time, push-based architectures in mind. Additionally, Node.js is easy to learn, extremely scalable and provides great freedom in building apps.

What version of Node.js should I use?

There are lots of Node releases — the most current of them contain essential bug fixes, support for fresh versions of ECMAScript (JavaScript) standards, in addition to enhancements to the Node APIs. Generally, you should consider using the most recent LTS release as it would be much more stable than a current release, while still having features that are relatively recent (and is still under active maintenance). You would need to use the Current release in case you need a feature that’s not in the LTS version. You can always deploy different Node.js versions via the cPanel Node.js app selector and give them a try without the need to manually install anything.

Do you support Node Package Manager?

NPM comes pre-installed on all EverCloud hosting plans. You can access all the modules listed on the npm website with the use of the npm CLI tool that gets installed by default with Node.js. We also have a step by step tutorial on how to use the Node Package Manager to get you started.

Why hosting my Node.js project on Stromonic?

While the majority of hosting providers would provide Node.js Hosting for you only on their VPS or Dedicated Server plans, we’ve optimized our shared servers and made them work with Node.js. We have already tested and analyzed our easy Node.js setup process so you could get down to business developing. Our ultimate goal is offering the fastest possible experience for both you and your website visitors. We are fully aware that as a Node.js developer, one would also have specific goals that you’re following. We hope that the wide variety of stable and speedy services that we provide will assist you in meeting your goals to their full extent. We are here to help you in balancing your budget according to the requirements of your web application.

What are the advantages of Node.js?

JavaScript on both frontend and backend. No need to learn a new language. This is the main reason for its popularity. It's asynchronous, nonblocking and fast. Less boilerplate. Install nodejs and it takes a few lines of code to run a nodejs server. Node.js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome's JavaScript Engine.