Cloud Servers

Scalable, secure, and fault-tolerant virtual cloud servers

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1 GB
1 Core
1000 GB
2 GB
1 Core
1000 GB
3 GB
1 Core
1000 GB
4 GB
2 Cores
1000 GB
8 GB
4 Cores
160 GB SSD
2000 GB
16 GB
6 Cores
320 GB SSD
3000 GB
Location: India

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

Solid-State Drives
Intel Xeon CPUs
OS Re-install
Full Root Access
Dedicated IPv4
IPv6 Support
1 Gbps Network
Cloud Console
Monthly Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cloud servers?

A cloud server is a virtual server running in a cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted and delivered via a cloud computing platform via the internet, and can be accessed remotely.

Do you bill servers that are off?

Yes. All servers that have finished their creation process will be billed until they are deleted, regardless of their state. This is because, internally, we allocate full resources to servers regardless of their power state. And it enables rapid startup and boot times for you, the customer.

Will I get any kind of assistance with cloud server?

Cloud hosting servers are semi-managed. Our customer support team will do their best to help with every single query that might arise and all questions relating to the back-end or control panel will be answered, but project related, front-end questions will not be covered.

Do you offer auto backups for my cloud?

Yes, you can enable auto weekly backup for your cloud server at 20% cost of your cloud server monthly billing, You can use these backups to restore your cloud server or deploy a new cloud server from the backups.

Can I install custom software on my cloud server?

Yes, you can! That’s the beauty of a cloud server. It gives unparalleled control over your project! On stromonic you can pick between dozens of different Linux based operating systems to suit your needs.

Is there any way to get a custom configuration?

Customized virtual servers (additional RAM, additional/larger drives etc.) are not currently available. However, you can upgrade your cloud server to any higher plan anytime in order to receive more resources.