#1 WPX Hosting Alternative: Faster, Smarter and Better (Winner Always)


Are you searching for a WPX Hosting alternative? Well, then your search ends here! Powered by the latest hardware, fast technologies, and optimized server stacks, Stromonic offers a fully managed WordPress hosting environment, for your mission-critical websites.

With different features and solutions, our platform is a perfect choice for all-size of businesses. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing Stromonic as your hosting provider.


WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider, that started its operation in 2013. Their pricing and hosting service is primarily for small bloggers and low-traffic websites. But it may not suitable for high-traffic publishers, dynamic sites, eCommerce stores, forum sites, or book publishing stores, which require extensive infrastructure flexibility and capability to handle such loads.

Here comes Stromonic in the picture. Stromonic is backed by innovative infrastructure and next-gen technologies, which allowed us to deliver top-notch performance, steadfast speed, and robust security. Every day we talk with clients who want to know what makes us unique as an alternative to WPX Hosting.

How Stromonic Compares to WPX Hosting in a Nutshell

Before we jump into comparisons between Stromonic vs WPX Hosting, let’s talk about the major difference between us.

Stromonic is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform, operating its own innovative cloud infrastructure and premium optimized network builds with the latest AMD EPYC CPUs, Fast NVMe SSD Drives, and 10GB/s NIC backbone. Delivering top-class performance, speed, and security to each website hosted with us.

Stromonic is a category champion in SoftwareSuggest, one of the popular software review and comparison websites.

WPX Hosting is powered by Steadfast Data Center, 2nd generation Intel Xeon CPUs, SATA SSD drives, and 1GB/s network speed.

Some key differences between Stromonic vs WPX Hosting are mentioned below:

  • Stromonic is a leading WordPress hosting solution provider, with highly scalable infrastructure. Our platform is for everyone from small bloggers to large enterprises, it’s built to handle the dynamic load and MASSIVE traffic. WPX Hosting, on the other hand, is only suitable for small bloggers with low traffic.
  • Our infrastructure is built with AMD EPYC CPUs, one of the highest performing CPUs according to benchmark, along with Fast NVMe SSD drives, the industry’s latest storage drives, which come with the fastest I/O and Read/Write Speed. Where WPX Hosting is using 2nd generation Intel Xeon CPUs which have low benchmark scores, SATA SSD drives which have 600MB/s read/write speed, where our NVMe SSD drives comes with 2000MB/s read/write speed.
  • Stromonic has a 99.99% uptime guarantee along with a service level agreement (SLA), which means we will compensate you for any downtime above that this. But WPX Hosting has 99.95% uptime with no SLA commitment.
  • Stromonic offers Redis Object Cache with its all plans free of cost. But WPX Hosting does not offer Object caching.
  • Stromonic is using the MariaDB database for its platform, which is a high-performance relational database solution, faster than MySQL, and easily supports a high concurrent number of connections without much performance degradation. Where WPX Hosting is using MySQL database for its platform.
  • Stromonic platform includes developer-friendly features like SSH, WP-CLI, Terminal, Git, and SFTP. Unlike WPX Hosting which lacks such advanced features.
  • Our platform is protected by WAF (web application firewall), cloud-based firewall, hardware firewall, and Later-7 DDoS Protection technology, along with real-time CloudScans. But WPX Hosting only has basic DDoS protection which does not do much beyond protecting the origin server.
  • Stromonic includes a premium Content Delivery Network (CDN) with its all plans, which come with 93+ global POPs, but WPX Hosting offers CDN with only 25 POPs.
  • We ping your website every 5 minutes, which means 288 times a day. If we detect any time-out error, our system admins will be immediately notified. But WPX Hosting does not offer any website ping solution.
  • Stromonic has on-demand and automatic backup features, our backup system will store those backups on external storage drives in different geographic locations. But WPX Hosting only has basic backup functions.
  • We offer free website migration, site optimization, malware removal as well as debugging support. Unlike WPX Hosting, Stromonic offers multilingual 27/7 VIP support.
  • Stromonic dashboard includes easy staging, site cloning, smart updates, theme & plugin manager, database access, and many other options. But WPX Hosting dashboard lacks features.
  • Our smart security system can automatically patch vulnerable plugins, or themes. WPX Hosting does not have such features.
  • Apart from WordPress CMS, our platform also does support Node.JS, Python, and Ruby applications along with their all latest versions.

Try our dashboard risk-free from your end. Don’t forget our 45-day no question asked money-back guarantee, so you can experience our service worry-free.

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Stromonic is Designed for Performance and Scalability

If you require scalable website performance, Stromonic has everything for your need. Unlike WPX Hosting, we are not a typical WordPress host, our custom-developed platform, own cloud infrastructure, and fast technology stack is designed for incredible speed, performance, and scalability – no matter if you have a dynamic website or eCommerce store.

Thanks to our powerful hardware, premium network, and fast technologies. Each website hosted on our platform will be using our LiteSpeed cache, Object cache, MariaDB database, Fast PHP versions, Daily backups, enterprise CDN and many more advanced features.

WPX Hosting Alternative - Stromonic Review

Our custom-made cloud infrastructure is highly scalable and capable of handling MASSIVE amounts of traffic and load spikes. And makes it super easy for you to change between our plans.

Another advantage of using Stromonic is, that we cache everything from our server-side which is crucial for WooCommerce and dynamic websites. Our smart caching technology will help you to reduce website load and improve website performance and speed. By moving your website to our platform, you will see a significant speed improvement of 20% to 200%.

Web Performance Benchmarks

To run the web performance benchmark tests, we have installed the same latest version of WordPress on both platforms with the same theme and dummy content.

We will be using free open-source tools for all of these tests, so first we are going to use KeyCDN’s performance testing tool, which will detect the TTFB (time to the first byte) of both platforms. Let’s see the results.

LocationStromonicWPX Hosting
Frankfurt96.2 ms521.64 ms
Amsterdam106.39 ms475.56 ms
London116.41 ms502.62 ms
New York310.05 ms215.13 ms
Dallas388.91 ms236.08 ms
San Francisco218.3 ms272.35 ms
Singapore1.02 s750.75 ms
Sydney588.94 ms741.42 ms
Tokyo599.08 ms928.52 ms
Bangalore881.83 ms966.38 ms

As we can see from the tests, Stromonic won the test by 7 out of 10 locations by beating WPX Hosting. Now let’s compare the uptime history of both companies. Stromonic has a publically available status page and WPX Hosting also shares its uptime history on its site.

StromonicWPX Hosting
Uptime Record100%100%

We both have 100% uptime history as per the status page.

Lastly, we are going to start stress testing on both of these platforms by using the K6.io tool. We will send hundreds of concurrent connections and will see which platform is capable to handle the test smoothly.

StromonicWPX Hosting
Total HTTP Requests1567895
HTTP Failures00
Peak RPS45.67 reqs/s21.67 reqs/s
P95 Response Time52 ms1049 ms

Stromonic won the stress test, by delivering a whopping fast server response time, whereas WPX Hosting’s response rate started degrading once it started getting more and more traffic.

Our smart server-side caching technology, enterprise CDN and highly scalable infrastructure are absorbing all the sudden load spikes and delivering smooth fastest performance in every situation.

Stromonic is Safe and Secure

While WPX Hosting only offers malware scanning and removal with its plans, its security features are limited. At Stromonic, we make server and site security a mission-critical priority, regardless of your plan.

Our platform is protected by Web Application Firewall (WAF), Layer-7 DDoS attacks protection, Read-Time CloudScans, Cloud Firewall, SSL certificate, Fail2Ban Protocol, Spam Bot Protection, HotLink Protection, 2-Factor Authentication, and many more advanced security features.

Some of our security measures to protect your website from malicious attacks are:

  • We offer SFTP connections for secure file transfer, risky FTP access is not allowed on our platform.
  • Stromonic platform is secured by Layer-7 DDoS protection, which can automatically blacklist attacking IP addresses, and show captcha to malicious connections.
  • Our WAF will protect your website from brute force attacks, SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting, Port Scanning, DoS attacks, and many other online threats.
  • We have real-time CloudScans in place, which is scanning the platform 24/7. If any suspicious file (affected with malware, trojan, virus, backdoors) is found, then it can automatically freeze that file and notify our security experts.
  • Our platform is using an in-house developed Cloud Firewall, which is equipped with custom rule sets. It will protect your website from many online hacking attempts.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is included on our platform, to offer you a completely secured account login experience.
  • Our automated patching system can detect vulnerable and outdated plugins, themes, and WordPress cores and can apply smart updates automatically.
  • SSL certificates can be issued from your dashboard with simple clicks.
  • Our system will automatically take backups of your hosting account daily, and store them on dedicated storage servers.

We will monitor your website frequently with our in-house developed monitoring system. Our plans also include a 100% hack-fix guarantee and malware clean-up assurance. If something goes odd, be assured you are in good hands.

Stromonic is Developer-Friendly

At Stromonic, the majority of our team members are developers. From day one, we have built our platform and tools with developers in mind.

Stromonic as a managed WordPress hosting partner has integrated developer-friendly features and tools, for those who don’t want to settle with basic functions and always like extraordinary.

Some advanced developer-friendly options which are by default included with all our plans include:

  • Git, WP-CLI, SFTP, and SSH access on all our managed WordPress hosting plans.
  • Python, Ruby, and Node.JS application manager with all the latest versions.
  • One-click site cloning, safe staging, and smart updates are available.
  • An option to run different PHP versions for each site.
  • Easy error logs debugging and reading.

Stromonic is actively engaging with developer communities and contributing to open-source projects. We are also helping non-profit organizations and open-source projects with our hosting solutions.

Optimized for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

If you are running an online WooCommerce store or Easy Digital Downloads site, you will require a WordPress host who is capable to handle the dynamic load, also should be easy to scalable, and should fulfill growing demands, that is exactly what Stromonic is built to do.

Our managed WordPress hosting platform is specially optimized to deliver best-in-class performance for mission-critical websites. From advanced memory caching to security, we have taken care of everything.

There are multiple ways, we can speed up your site, including:

  • Smart caching technology for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads site, which will automatically exclude “My Orders”, “My Account”, “Checkout”, and “Cart” pages from the caching, and will show always up-to-date information to your customers.
  • Redis Object Cache will significantly boost your website performance by storing database information on server RAM.
  • Our enterprise CDN with global data centers will deliver cached versions of static contents of your website from the nearest data center to your visitor.

Where WPX Hosting does not have any custom caching rules for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads-based websites.

Stromonic has received multiple awards for its outstanding performance, support, and user experience from HostAdvice, CompareCamp, and FinancesOnline.

Dashboard for Powerful Site Management

At Stromonic, managing your all WordPress websites from a single dashboard can not be much simpler. Our easy-to-use dashboard comes with everything from one-click WordPress installation to safe staging, easy cloning, smart updates, and more.

WPX Hosting Alternative - Stromonic Dashboard

WPX Hosting also offers a dashboard for managing WordPress sites, but this is not much featured rich and user-friendly like Stromonic. Let’s take a quick look at our powerful dashboard which makes it super beneficial.

  • One-click installation of WordPress from our dashboard with simple UI/UX.
  • Detailed analytics of your website visitors by our AWstats tool.
  • TransMail email hosting – our premium email address solution, comes with guaranteed delivery and an easy SMTP setup.
  • Easy phpMyAdmin access from our dashboard.
  • On-demand backup generation and previous backup restoration.
  • Smart PHP version switching, even your every website can have different PHP versions.
  • Git, SSH, Terminal, and SFTP access for more advanced users.
  • A one-click ionCube extension enabler.
  • Easy to purge site cache from the dashboard or your WordPress admin.
  • Simple SSL certificate installation and renewal.
  • Python, Node.JS, and Ruby application manager.

Don’t take our words for it, try our powerful and easy-to-use dashboard from your end, and be a part of this excellent digital experience. Discover what makes us one-and-only in the industry and what makes us unique from WPX Hosting.

Try Our Dashboard

We actively listen to our users’ feedback and roll out updates to make our platform even more friendly and powerful with each passing month. If you have a better idea that can be implemented on our platform, don’t hesitate to contact us, even our CEO will be happy to listen to it.

Super Hero Support for WordPress

At Stromonic, we put our customers first. They are our managed hosting platform dedicated to serving you. For us all customers are the same regardless of your plans, you will receive the same VIP level support from our support engineers that our all other clients are receiving.

Signing up with Stromonic means you will become a Crown Member of this community, which comes with hundreds of advantages and benefits. No matter the day or time you are contacting, our support engineers will be there 27/7/365 for your assistance.

WPX Hosting Alternative - Stromonic Review

Our support channels include Live Chat, Ticket, Email, Phone, and Skype (we are the only one who is offering such VIP support to our clients). In addition, to support, our platform also has an extensive number of detailed self-help articles, blog content, and YouTube videos.

Stromonic support engineers (we call them Support Heros) offer multilingual support through all support modes, and additionally, they can help you to set up CDN, optimize your website for faster performance, remove malware from your site or debug your site to identify the code-level issues.

We also monitor your website 24/7, if we notice any time-out error, we will notify you to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Such monitoring does not available with WPX Hosting.

Growth Suite Program

If you are running a website design agency, then we have something special for your business. You can partner with us for your web solution requirements, by doing so you will receive fully managed support for your clients’ sites and can get from a 10% to 30% discount on your hosting bill with us.

Partnering with us includes some additional benefits, which are mentioned below:

  • By joining our Growth Suite Partner Program, you will receive a 10% to 30% discount on our retail prices.
  • We offer white-labeled support for your end clients, so you can focus on more important things for your business.
  • A personal account manager will be appointed to your business.
  • We take regular backups for all your clients’ sites, so you can have peace of mind.
  • Our premium CDN solution will be included with our all plans free of cost.

Our origin servers, cache plugins, CDN (content delivery network), or DNS servers are completely white-labeled, so you can manage your brand while giving your customers the best tools.

Learn About Growth Suite

Free WordPress Migrations

At Stromonic, we offer an unlimited free migration service if you are migrating your WordPress site from WPX Hosting to our platform. Whether you are moving one website or one hundred, all will be taken care of by our migration experts.

To get started, you will require to simply fillup our migration request form, and one of our migration experts will initiate the migration process and will also keep you updated during the entire migration process. Always be rest assured that your website will be safely migrated to our platform within 24 hours.

After completing the migration, one of our team members will verify your website before making any changes to DNS. Not only that, also you will receive a free one-time site optimization service, CDN integration service, and cache setup support.

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Premium Content Delivery Network

All the managed WordPress hosting plans at Stromonic includes a premium content delivery network, which has 93+ global POPs to boost your website performance from every corner of the world. Our CDN supports HTTP/2 protocol and IPv6 addresses. Its architecture is highly optimized to deliver optimal performance and low latency to deliver your website static files.

Our premium CDN can significantly reduce your bandwidth consumption and server load, and also it can balance load spikes. Our CDN also can optimize images and videos of your website at an additional cost.

WPX Hosting also offers CDN service, but it has only a few POPs and limited bandwidth allocation, overusing those limits can cause service suspension.

Best Affiliate Program in the Industry

At Stromonic, we have one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry, you can earn as much as $180 for each successful referral to us. Stromonic services are easy to sell and have a very low churn rate. We frequently publish new attractive banners, also custom banners for your website are also possible, just initiate a talk with our team.

Stromonic always won clients’ expectations and our happy customers helped us to become one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosts in the industry. Our simple minimalistic designs and custom-made affiliate dashboard are easy to navigate and straightforward.

Our in-house developed affiliate dashboard will help you to make your affiliate marketing journey easier. You no more have to deal with complex third-party affiliate dashboards.

WPX Hosting also has an affiliate program, but it’s complex to understand and the commission rates are not available to the public, so it becomes difficult to understand how much you will be able to make with them.

End of The Battle

Stromonic offers best-in-class infrastructure, innovative technology, and VIP support to empower your site with ease and agility. Our platform scalability, security, our agency, and affiliate teams and the key industry partnerships we’ve built over years of experience helping our customers build delightful digital experiences on WordPress made us unique from WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting offerings are solid, they are offering a platform for small bloggers, whereas Stromonic plans offer wide flexibility, infrastructure scalability, and the number of features you need to grow your online business.

In the end, there is no comparison, it’s only Stromonic that has the power, knowledge, flexible platform, and premium features to fuel and scale your business at every stage of growth for a better tomorrow and future.

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