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When it comes to website crash problems, there can be plenty of reasons like plugin updates, hacking attempts, sudden traffic boosts, low-class hosting services, etc. But, the problem is how to identify any such serious website functioning concern and how to rectify one? Not all WordPress website owners are technical experts or professional web developers to deal with all such concerns on their own. That’s where the need for a reliable process of WordPress monitoring comes into play.

The WordPress maintenance and monitoring can ensure the smooth functioning of the website without any issues. From faster loading to amazing user experience and keeping it safe from the common culprits, there should be an all-in-one tool to effectively maintain, manage, and monitor the WordPress.

WP Umbrella is a prominent WordPress website management tool that serves all the above-mentioned concerns. You can rely on it for multiple WordPress websites management and monitoring while utilizing your time for some productive work. Time is money for any online business and WP Umbrella saves both for you by taking care of downtime, crashing, or safety concerns.

Let’s dive into the details and explore how it allows monitoring and maintaining multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard.

About WP Umbrella


WP Umbrella is a ready-to-use tool for managing, maintaining, and monitoring WordPress websites with minimal effort. It gives you a warning in case of performing the security checks. Moreover, it even allows you to quickly update and backup your website in a few clicks. The tool comes with a 14-days free trial and later can be switched to a paid version with decent prices.

WP Umbrella is a SaaS platform (Software as a service) that offers all WordPress website activation and management from a single dashboard. You can keep checking or making changes to the desired website anytime. The WP Umbrella dashboard is available online and doesn’t require you to switch to the back end of every WordPress website for minor changes.

WP Umbrella brings ease to use and that can be surely checked throughout the testing. It saves your valuable time in testing and analysis and updates you on its own for any security flaw. In one way it is one of the safety bodyguards for your website 24*7. With amazing customer support, you get to experience zero concerns regarding the workflow or results from the WP Umbrella.

In any case, WP Umbrella is a top-notch platform for WordPress website owners to ensure everything is going right with their website. It is a credible alternative that is focused to offer the best service irrespective of the money input.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the major features of the platform that could change the game for your WordPress websites.

WP Umbrella Features

1. Automatic Backups

Website backup with WP Umbrella is super facile. You can schedule them for automatic backups based on the hour, day, week, or month. These backups keep increasing and are usually stored on the Google Cloud platform for around 2 months. You may even opt for manual backups too if required. Try to retrieve the backup with a mark as the calendar.

2. Plugin & Theme Update

WP Umbrella offers safe and reliable update technology that keeps the website stand out from the crowd. The plugin monitoring tool checks the status of the websites and keeps them updated on daily basis. In case of an issue. The user can automatically roll back to the plugin/WordPress core.

Along with that, the automatic cache clearing capability of the tool also helps the website to a great extent. You are even allowed to do the bulk updates with merely a click. The tool eases out the general pain points of the updates and makes the entire process a breeze.

3. Uptime & Performance Monitoring

For an online website, there is hardly anything else as bad as it facing downtime. Slow loading of the website is a similar standard problem that needs to be corrected on priority. Both time and money are gone when the website goes down or takes minutes to load. It can even deteriorate the SEO and market reputation too.

WP Umbrella ensures to check and update regarding the website availability. If the site goes down, you will be instantly informed with the help of Slack or email. Take the necessary action even before the customers are aware of any such issue. The tool tracks the website performance with multiple locations across the globe. These allow you to assess the page speed and performance from any location.

The issue with downtime is again a more common problematic scenario than what you think. It will help you troubleshoot the issues before even the user discovers them. The tool even allows keeping a keen eye on the broken links and other factors.

4. PHP Errors Monitoring

Often PHP plugins and applications are behind the major issues on the website. In such a case, a developer should be able to assess the problems and resolve the same on priority. WP Umbrella helps in discovering the broken scripts before it’s too late. Get a quick debug to the issue with WP error logs and pace up the WordPress website maintenance process.

5. Client Reports

WP Umbrella allows you to send the tracking/monitoring reports to the clients as well. It will help the clients to communicate effectively while running the WordPress websites. It is quite important to keep your clients updated with the maintenance reports in case of any adverse scenario.

The WP Umbrella provides the white label PDF reporting that can be sent to the clients with your branding/no branding. It will help in building business trust and reliability. You can inform the operations performed on the website, updates, backups, etc. via proper white label reporting.

Pricing – WP Umbrella

Free Trial – 14 Days (No Credit Card Required)


WP Umbrella offers a free trial of 14 days in which you can sign up, add a project and play around to explore everything. The objective of the trial is to allow the users to be sure about the platform’s potential before signing up for the paid plan. The trial won’t ask you to enter your credit card information. You are allowed to reach the support team to know more about the trial plan of WP Umbrella on multiple websites.

Pay As You Go Model


 The pricing model of WP Umbrella is customer-oriented as they only ask you to pay for the number of websites added to the same. You can use it to monitor a single website or can even go for adding up multiple websites too. The pricing for a single website is $1.49 (USD) & the overall payable amount will be as per the number of sites added to the dashboard. However, the features of the tool remain the same irrespective of the total number of websites used on the platform. WP Umbrella allows both monthly as well as yearly payment options.

WP Umbrella Review Conclusion

Finding your website struggling due to any concern can be frustrating and sad for any website owner. Even the uncertainty or risks can be quite daunting and take away your comfort. A lot of website owners face such concerns and their technical team remains completely unaware of what’s happening. The downtime is a curse to the website and takes away the entire reputation & credibility of the business. There might be a possibility that the competitors get the upper hand because your website is facing unforeseen scenarios.

Gone are the days when WordPress monitoring used to be full of stress and technicality. Now, we have WP Umbrella to get all-around monitoring of errors, website performance, and uptime. The tool comes loaded with the features to safeguard the website from any crash or error-filled experience.

There are certain ways to monitor the uptime and performance of a website, but WP Umbrella takes it one step further with security enhancements. You get to have critical security warnings, PHP-related errors monitoring, plugin updates, security attacks, and a lot more.

Thus, overall, WP Umbrella is a reliable tool to hand over the WordPress website monitoring from an all-in-one dashboard. We recommend you go for the trial version and start using the free-of-cost 14-day trial to get hands-on experience.

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