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If you are looking for a SiteGround Alternative for your business website, you have landed in the right place. Exclusively powered by the custom cloud, premium network, and advanced technology, which set us apart from the rest of the competition.


SiteGround was started in 2004 by Ivo Tzenov in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since its inception, they have received popularity in the blogging community. But does it really perform well? Like every day we talk with clients who are looking for a SiteGround alternative for better performance and support for your business websites.

Stromonic is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform, founded in 2017 by Natan Ray and his team, which specializes in offering scalable WordPress hosting with best-in-class performance, unparalleled security, and 24/7 VIP client support.

Daily at least one of our team members is asked by people, how we are different as a SiteGround alternative. So, we are here with a detailed comparison article between Stromonic vs SiteGround. Let’s figure out which made us unique as an alternative to SiteGround.

How Stromonic Compares to SiteGround in a Nutshell

Stromonic is exclusively powered by its own StromX cloud infrastructure, which builds with next-generation technologies, modern hardware, premium networks, load balancing, custom web stack which helps us to maximize flexibility and control over our infrastructure and deliver top-class performance and speed for your business.

Whereas SiteGround uses Google Cloud’s cheap N2 virtual machines for their entire infrastructure, along with standard network, NGINX-based web stack, and Cloudflare free tier CDN.

Stromonic is a recommended WordPress host by Yoast SEO.

There are many differences between Stromonic and SiteGround, let’s discuss them:

  • Stromonic is a fully managed WordPress host, which means we offer support for all WordPress website-related issues, including website optimization, security audit, and debugging but SiteGround is not a managed host, and they do not provide any WordPress-related support to their customers.
  • Stromonic offers free safe Staging and Git with its all-managed WordPress solutions, but SiteGround only includes these features on its highest package.
  • We are using the latest MariaDB database version on our platform which comes which is faster than MySQL. Also, MariaDB is capable to handle more concurrent database connections than MySQL. SiteGround, on the other hand, uses MySQL database.
  • Our infrastructure benchmark score is much higher than SiteGround, as we are using the latest AMD EPYC CPUs and NVMe storage, which comes with higher clock speed, I/O, and read/write speed than Google Cloud’s N2 machines and SATA SSD storage.
  • Stromonic platform comes with a 99.99% uptime SLA commitment, if we fail to archive this you will receive compensation. But since our inception, we never had any downtime and we are proud to announce we have maintained 100% uptime records. Whereas SiteGround comes with only 99.9% uptime commitment.
  • Stromonic includes Redis and Memcached Object Cache technology on the platform, which will store your website’s frequently accessed data in memory so that your website can be responsive to your visitors. SiteGround does not offer any such solution.
  • Our platform is protected with a 2FA login system, WAF (web application firewall), layer-7 DDoS protection, hardware firewall, real-time CloudScan, and Spam Bot blacklisting, unlike SiteGround which only has basic security options and upselling security add-ons.
  • We offer free unlimited website migration, site optimization, and security audit along with 24/7 fully managed support to our clients, but SiteGround provides only basic infrastructure level support to their clients.
  • Our platform includes smart patching systems, which can detect vulnerabilities on your WordPress site and apply patching to that vulnerability. Unlike SiteGround which does not have such a feature.
  • Stromonic platform also supports Node.JS, Python, Ruby, and Laravel applications, but SiteGround does not.
  • Stromonic comes with global CDN coverage and edge servers, which will boost your website performance worldwide by storing your website static files at the nearest data center to your website visitors and serving the files from there. It will reduce the latency and improve the website performance as well. But SiteGround comes with limited basic CDN which does not have advanced caching technology.
  • Our platform is powered by Enterprise LiteSpeed cache technology which is capable to handle massive amounts of load spikes and visitors as compared to Apache or NGINX. Also, LiteSpeed comes with layer-7 DDoS protection, a low-memory footprint, and load balancing. Whereas SiteGround comes with NGINX-based servers.
  • Stromonic has one of the industry’s longest 45-day money-back guarantees, this shows that we have full confidence in our services, but SiteGround has only a 30-day money-back policy.

Another difference we would like to highlight here is that at Stromonic we have a transparent month-to-month billing system, but SiteGround aggressively forces you to purchase their 12-month billing cycle instead of month-to-month billing.

Try our managed WordPress hosting solution risk-free and experience the difference yourself. Be a part of this innovative journey.

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Scalability and Performance

Whether you are running a small blog or enterprise business, we have everything to scale your business. Our platform is designed to handle massive load spikes and real-time traffic, thanks to its scalable infrastructure and load balancers.

We are proud to maintain the same best-in-class performance, and speed while scaling our platform. While building Stromonic, we have decided not to go with the traditional path and innovated our own way to host a WordPress website with the full caliber on our scalable cloud platform.

SiteGround Alternative

We have rejected Public Clouds (AWS/GCP/Azure) and developed our own StromX Cloud platform instead, for better consistent performance, stable network, and hardware customization. Which significantly helped us to have ultimate flexibility and full control over our infrastructure and its performance.

Our high-performance web stack contains LiteSpeed, MariaDB, Fast PHP, CloudScans, and Custom Caching Layers, which will help your website load blazing fast in every situation, no matter what. SiteGround, on the other side, has a basic web stack with NGINX, MySQL, and PHP with no advanced caching technology.

Safety and Security

We at Stromonic, take security seriously, from login to our platform to protecting your website from hacking, we have built hundreds of security features to provide a completely secure and hack-free environment to our clients.

All the websites hosted under Stromonic are comes with layer-7 DDoS protection, Brute-Force protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Fail2Ban Protocol, SSL Certificate, Two Factor Authentication, and also our system can detect torrent/VPN/Proxy IPs and prevent high-risk IP connections accessing your website.

Let’s have a look at some of our security features:

  • Multiple copies of your data will be stored synchronously across multiple storage drives and servers with no single point of failure.
  • Real-time CloudScans of your all website files including emails, if anything odd is detected it will remove that instantly.
  • Layer-7 DDoS protection for your all websites, our network backbone can handle up to 10TB/s DDoS traffic, and can smartly detect attacking IP Addresses and blacklist them from the firewall level.
  • Software-based isolation technology for your websites will keep them separate from other clients.
  • Our platform is secured by WAF (web application firewall) which will protect your website from a wide range of cyber-attacks including but not limited to SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Brute Force attacks, and Port Scanning, etc.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system, and automatic bans for IPs that have more than three failed login attempts in a minute.
  • Only support for encrypted SFTP and SSH connections, rather than no risky FTP connections.
  • We take daily backups of your websites, including database, emails, PHP settings, corn jobs, etc, and store them in separate geographically different data centers.
  • Stromonic platform includes free SSL certificates for your all domains.
  • Our smart security system checks every installed plugin/theme to discover vulnerabilities.

If anything goes wrong in a rare event, be assured that you will get white-gloves support from our WordPress experts, free of charge. We’ll restore your site and make sure it’s free of backdoors that hackers can take advantage of.

Also, we offer free security audit of your website after migrating to the Stromonic platform. We are the only one in the industry, that is offering such high-end advantages to clients. Unlike SiteGround, which sells security as an addon.

Stromonic is Developer-Friendly

The Stromonic team is backed by WordPress experts, who have decades of experience building, managing, and optimizing WordPress sites. So while building Stromonic, we have featured some extra tools for developers without sacrificing ease of use.

As a managed WordPress hosting platform, you will have access to our wide range of tools and features, which will help you to increase your productivity and site management flexibility. Unlike SiteGround which does not offer such developer-friendly features.

Some of our developer-friendly features and tools include:

  • Terminal, SSH, WP-CLI, Git, and SFTP access with our all hosting solutions.
  • Ruby, Python, Node.JS application manager option.
  • PHP settings customization options like max_execution_time, memory_limit, upload_max_filesize, post_max_size etc.
  • Safe site cloning, staging, and smart updating from a single dashboard.
  • phpMyAdmin database access to edit database values.
  • WordPress debugging tool and error log monitoring.

With Stromonic, as your managed WordPress hosting partner, you will have all the features and tools whichever is required to scale your business online. Our simplified dashboard is easy to manage and understand regardless of your technical knowledge.

SiteGround on the other side only offers Git with their highest plan, but they do not have any WordPress debugging or error log monitoring tool yet.

Powerful Site Management Dashboard

At Stromonic, we have designed our platform with simplicity and usability in mind. We love minimalistic design, that’s why you will find our dashboard so simplistic yet so powerful.

SiteGround also offers a custom dashboard, but it’s not feature-rich and powerful as the Stromonic dashboard. Take a quick look at our dashboard from the below snapshot.

SiteGround Alternative - Stromonic Dashboard

Some of our dashboard features that make our dashboard so powerful include:

  • Our dashboard support 29 international language which makes it a responsive multilingual dashboard for all international clients.
  • Stromonic dashboard comes with a Hotlink Protection option that will help you stop embedding your website content on different websites.
  • Two Factor Authentication (two-step verification) system will an additional layer of security to your account.
  • Domain IP lookup, traceroute to source IP, IP address blacklisting tool.
  • WordPress debugging option with error logs monitoring to identify the root cause of code level errors.
  • Ruby, Node.JS, Python application manager, and version control.
  • Advanced DNS Zone manager for easy DNS records management.
  • Free Wildcard SSL certificate for your all domains and subdomains, also option to order or import a custom SSL certificate.
  • Cache-Control tool to enable, disable or purge cache on your website.
  • One-click website optimization option, for instant website optimization.
  • PHP version control and extension manager, even your every website can have different PHP version.
  • Cron Job manager, to run any script on a scheduled basis.
  • Full website security patching with just a single click.
  • Easy phpMyAdmin access for advanced users.
  • On-demand and automatic website backups for your all websites.
  • GUI-based File Manager access, to manage your website files.
  • Email account creation, management, and SMTP connection from a single dashboard.
  • Get detailed analytics of website visitors, bandwidth consumption, resource usage, and more.
  • High-performance object caching with our Redis and Memcached technology integration.
  • PHP X-Ray Tool, to identify slow-performing WordPress plugins and codes.

Don’t take our words for it, experience the powerful dashboard by your end. Explore the user-friendly interface and plethora of tools to see firsthand and figure out what makes Stromonic unique as a SiteGround alternative.

SiteGround’s custom “Site Tools” dashboard lacks advanced features, and it does not have such features as the Stromonic dashboard. It also does not comes with 29 international languages, not it has PHP X-Ray or Object caching tools.

At Stromonic, we value our clients’ feedback and we are always looking the ways to improve. We regularly take feedback from our clients and try to implement them on our platform. If there is a way to enhance your service, we would love to know about this.

Try Our Dashboard

WordPress Guru Crew Support

At Stromonic, we operate and maintain a creative team of WordPress experts, who treat every customer and site as a mission-critical priority, whether you are a blogger, agency, or enterprise. Our support experts are available 24/7 for your assistance including holidays, weekends, or Xmas nights (whenever you will require support).

We know the importance of support in your business, that’s why we take it seriously. Our round-clock 24/7 support team is working day and night to provide your support for every single issue. No issue is too small or too big for us, as we have years of experience in resolving such WordPress-related issues, which helps us to quickly understand and resolve any issue related to your site.

SiteGround Alternative - Clients Review

Our average support response over live chat is around 30 seconds, and we are proud to announce that we have a 100% solve rate on all customer issues. So, with Stromonic you can rest assured about quality support for all your concerns.

Our support experts will migrate your all websites to our platform free of charge, also after the migration, they will do your website for faster performance, also a security audit will be applied on your websites to secure your website from potential backdoors. If your website got infected with malware while hosting with us, we will fix your website with our responsibility.

Stromonic offer multilingual support to its customers in all international languages, our support experts are happy to resolve your tickets in under 15 minutes, and the customer satisfaction rate is over 97%.

Our support channels include instant live chat, ticket system, email support, and telephone calls. By signing up Stromonic platform, you will also have the privilege to get support from our team by using Skype messenger. Also, our monitoring system will ping your websites every 5 minutes, if something goes wrong it will notify our system admins immediately to look into this issue before a client even reaches out to us.

Whereas SiteGround does not offer multilingual support, or Skype support, also as they are not a fully managed WordPress host, so you will not receive any WordPress site-related support from their team. If your website got compromised while hosting with SiteGround, they will not offer any kind of clean-up as per their policy. Take a look yourself.

SiteGround Alternative - Support Scopev

But with Stromonic, you never have to worry about such support limitations, we always go above and beyond to resolve each support-related issue raised by our clients. We offer WordPress support as our core, so you can rest assured that everything from website migration to security audit, site optimization, and support will be covered with Stromonic.

Growth Suite Agency Program

Say hello to our Growth Suite agency partner program, specially designed for agencies to manage their all WordPress clients under one platform, where from migration, optimization, security, and support everything will be included. So, you can have complete peace of mind!

Focus on more important things which matter most for your business, and let us handle all the infrastructure side of things. By hosting your client sites on Stromonic, you’ll be able to take advantage of our high-performance servers along with purpose-built tools for site management in the powerful dashboard.

Our Growth Suite Agency Program also comes with a number of perks:

  • Get from 10% to 30% discount on our retail prices, the more you will order the more discount will be.
  • White-gloves support to your clients, so you can focus on more important tasks.
  • Customer Success Manager to help your agency to grow.
  • Get new project opportunities for your business based on the criteria you define.
  • Free hosting and domain for your agency’s own materials.
  • Unlimited free migration service by our migration experts.
  • Free tools for managing customers, invoices, etc.
  • Special invitation to private events, and exciting gifts.
  • Regular backups of your all clients’ sites, so you can have peace of mind.

As a member of our Agency Partner Program, your agency and all your client sites will receive the same level of support, features, and tooling offered on our normal plan tiers!

Your agency site and your client’s site will be hosted on our scalable infrastructure, with dedicated resources to your websites and they will also be backed by 24/7 engineer support. You can share your dashboard access with your developers or SEO manager by creating sub-accounts.

Learn About Growth Suite

SiteGround has an agency program, but it does not come with extra benefits, also the migration process will be handled by a plugin rather than expert human support. It’s not clear whether they have free hosting for the agency sites and free website optimization.

PHP X-Ray Performance Monitoring Tool

Stromonic dashboard comes with a new performance monitoring tool called “PHP X-Ray” which provides detailed information on performance bottlenecks of your WordPress sites. As WordPress is a dynamic CMS, it continuously executes PHP codes in the backend, so non properly coded and optimized plugins or themes can affect its performance.

Here, our PHP X-Ray performance monitoring tool can help.  If your website has any slow plugins, database queries, functions, or external calls, this tool reveals what’s causing them.

All our hosting plans come with this performance monitoring tool, with this tool you can create a tracing task for your WordPress site, whenever a PHP Post request will be made on your site, this tool will collect slow-performing requests and their API calls. This way you could easily find out the slow-performing plugins, or codes and make changes accordingly.

With our PHP X-Ray Tool, you can debug the following issues:

  • Slow WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Long non-optimized database queries.
  • External API calls and domains.

SiteGround does not have such a performance monitoring tool, neither they help with performance-related issues.

Optimized for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

We at Stromonic, know that WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads-based websites require more power and resources than normal blogs. With our years of experience and research, we had build a rigid managed platform that is scalable and capable to handle high traffic while maximizing its performance.

WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins require more CPU power and clock speed, as they can not be cached. Where our AMD EPYC CPUs come into the picture, with one of the industry’s highest CPU benchmarks and clock speeds, it delivers maximum performance to your business sites.

Our engineers have built our smart cache technology in such a way, that it will exclude the below sections automatically from its cache mechanism.

  • Excluding “My Account”, “Cart” and ‘Checkout” pages from the cache, as it should show always fresh information.
  • Automatically exclude those pages when woocommerce_items_in_cart” or “edit_items_in_cart” are detected.
  • Special cache rules for WooCommerce and EDD sites to enhance their performance.

SiteGround does not offer any WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads specific cache rules, nor do they have the fastest CPUs like Stromonic.

Feature Comparison Overview

Take a look at the fundamental difference between Stromonic and SiteGround platforms.

WordPress Sites21
Fast NVMe StorageYesNo (Slow SSD Storage)
Number of VisitsUnlimited10K
Uptime Guarantee99.99% with SLA99.9%
NetworkPremium TierStandard
PHP WorkersUnlimitedUnknown
Fast MariaDB DatabaseYesNo (Slow MySQL database)
Real-Time CloudScanYesNo (Available as Paid Addon)
WordPress MultisiteYesNo (Require GrowBig Plan)
Free Expert MigrationsYesNo
Free Site OptimizationYesNo
Free Malware RemovalYesNo
Free Website Security AuditYesNo
Performance Monitoring ToolYesNo
Redis Cache TechnologyYesNo
Web ServerLiteSpeed Enterprise (Highest Benchmarks)Open-Source NGINX (Lower Benchmarks)
Hardware3rd Gen AMD EPYC + Fast NVMe2nd Gen Google's N2 + Slow SSD
Read/Write Speed2000MB/second with No RestrictionsOnly 600MB/second with Hidden Restrictions
Auto Scaling InfrastructureYesNo
Automated PatchingYesNo
Debugging SupportYesNo
Python & NodeJs SupportedYesNo

Free Human Migration

At Stromonic, we offer free unlimited website migration from SiteGround to Stromonic. Unlike SiteGround which uses a plugin for migrations, our free migrations are performed by WordPress experts.

Always be rest assured that your website will be smoothly migrated from SiteGround to Stromonic without any downtime, our migration experts will do the entire task, so you can relax.

To get started with the website migration process, you just need to fillup our migration request form with some basic information, and we will do the rest. Our migration experts will also help you to optimize your website, change DNS records, and perform website security audits.

Our migration experts are specially trained to migrate WordPress websites from various different platforms and control panels, even if there is no control panel, still they can migrate your website to our platform.

Accelerated Content Delivery Network

At Stromonic, all our WordPress hosting plans come with a premium content delivery network (CDN), we have built this CDN from the ground up (as a hosting company!), specifically for high-performance WordPress hosting.

Recently our CDN had a missive software upgrade, and we have renamed it StromCDN (our own content delivery network), for the global performance boost for your websites. Our CDN comes with HTTP/2 and IPv6 support, along with an SSL certificate, and your content will be delivered and cached from 93+ regions (CDN POPs) around the world.

StromCDN is especially architecture to help significantly reduce your website load and bandwidth consumption by distributing the load to its load balancer technology.

On the other side, SiteGround also has CDN service by Cloudflare, but they offer their free tier plan with their hosting, and their custom CDN has very less POPs and it requires purchasing as an addon.

Stromonic Affiliate Program

Stromonic is proud to offer one of the industry’s highest affiliate programs, where you could earn from $30 to $180 per successful referral. Also, by joining our affiliate program, you will receive a dedicated account manager to grow your affiliate marking strategies.

Our affiliate program dashboard is custom-made with simple UI/UX and minimalistic design, without any clutter and confusing options – really straightforward. You no more have to deal with outdated affiliate dashboards. Say hello to Stromonic Affiliate Program.

Stromonic is constantly exceeding our clients’ expectations. Most of our clients are our highest-earning affiliate partners, they love to recommend our services with their network, which has helped position us as one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosts in the industry.

Exciting perks which our affiliate partners will receive include:

  • Dedicated affiliate manager to develop your affiliate marketing strategy.
  • Custom-made banners and promotion codes are only for your audience.
  • Weekly payment via PayPal and Bank Transfer.
  • Exciting goodies and gifts directly to your doorstep.
  • Special Webinar and Event invitation.

SiteGround affiliate program has a tier system, if you get fewer sales a month, they will drop down your affiliate commissions for each referral.

End of The Battle

Stromonic offers best-in-class scalable infrastructure, and advanced technology to scale your online business. Also, our partnership with next-generation technology providers helps us to create a delightful experience for our customers. We are continuously testing new technologies in our lab, and implementing them on our platform.

SiteGround offerings are beginner friendly and suitable for small websites with low traffic, whereas Stromonic is designed to handle MASSIVE amounts of traffic and load spikes. Also, our platform is loaded with a wide variety of developer-friendly features and tools to increase your productivity.

In the end conclusion, only Stromonic has the power and flexibility to handle most dynamic websites with epic amounts of real-time traffic, to empower your business growth, as we believe your business success should not look like a burden on your hosting bill.

Try our fully managed WordPress hosting risk-free, experience it yourself. Grow your business 200X times with the rock-solid platform of Stromonic. Don’t forget our 45-day long money-back guarantee period and free site migration service from SiteGround.

If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll love Stromonic’s WordPress Hosting platform. Turbocharge your website and get 24/7 support from our veteran team. Our world-class hosting infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Let us show you the Stromonic difference! Check out our plans.

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