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How to Launch a Career in SEO and Digital Marketing?

Career in SEO and Digital Marketing

Are you looking to find a job in a thriving industry with professional talents and eager learners in great demand? A career in an industry that prides itself on a range of skills, from creativity and analysis to method and technology? A career that might allow you to choose internal or agency roles but is also suitable for remote working and freelance? Then a career in SEO and digital marketing...

An Interview with Aviran Zazon (COO) of HostAdvice

HostAdvice Interview

We are happy to feature an exclusive interview with COO Aviran Zazon of HostAdvice with whom we will take a dive into how HostAdvice started, their feature plan, some interesting facts about the Indian market, and many more. Stromonic. First of all, please share more about you, your career, and your position in HostAdvice? Aviran Zazon. My current position is the COO of HostAdvice. My journey...

How to Create Outstanding Long-Form Articles in WordPress?

Long-Form Articles

What are Long-Form Articles? In simple words, long-form articles consist of a larger word count. Some people consider words more than 700 to be long-form, whereas some think that if the word limit crosses the 1800 wordmark, the article or piece of writing is long-form. The ultimate goal of these long-form articles is to grasp the attention of the readers and unite them on a single point that is...

Stromonic Wins The Best Web Hosting Support Providers 2021 Award

Stromonic Wins The Best Web Hosting Support Providers 2021 Award By HostingSeekers

Stromonic, an India – based Web Hosting Company has been awarded as the “Best Web Hosting Support Providers 2021” by HostingSeekers – a globally recognized web hosting directory. The award has been given for the excellent service record throughout 2021 and our dedication & contribution towards the success of the global hosting industry.  HostingSeekers analyzed 500small and mid...

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Deals!


Break out your calendars and get ready to set a reminder for Black Friday at Stromonic.  Now is the best time of year to consider new hosting, an upgrade, or a new domain. When Does Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Stromonic Begin? This year Black Friday at Stromonic runs from November 15th at 12:00 AM IST until November 28th at 23:59 PM IST. Cyber Monday starts on November 29th at 02:00 AM IST...

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Hosting Service


When starting an online business, it’s important to get the foundations right. Part of the process is setting up your website, and a good website comes with a dedicated hosting service. Having a web hosting service can improve your site’s performance, security, reliability, and uptime. But how to choose a web hosting service?  Choosing the best hosting service for your business website can be...

Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India (2021)

Dedicated Server Hosting in India

What is dedicated server hosting? Dedicated server hosting in India is a type of internet hosting that allocated a physical server or multiple physical servers to a single business customer. In addition to this, the customer is provided with complete control over the machine. Additionally, since the dedicated server hosting is completely isolated from one another, the users can use the resources...

Build a WordPress eCommerce Website (Guide 2021)


Setting up your WordPress eCommerce website can be extremely tedious, considering the vast space the internet is and the many complications that come with having a huge space like it. The easiest and best way to make an optimum site is by using a trusted platform that gives power to more than 42% percent of the world’s website – WordPress. Not only is it free, but it is also a largely... Interviews Stromonic CEO Natan Ray

H Interviews Stromonic CEO Natan Ray

Exclusively powered by Google, Stromonic is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution provider based in India. Founded in 2017, the company aims to take charge of all your server management tasks while you handle your business operations. Run by young but extremely passionate professionals, Stromonic has a dedicated data center based in India. The firm offers top-quality dedicated server...

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