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Exclusively powered by Google, Stromonic is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution provider based in India. Founded in 2017, the company aims to take charge of all your server management tasks while you handle your business operations. Run by young but extremely passionate professionals, Stromonic has a dedicated data center based in India. The firm offers top-quality dedicated server offerings. HostingSeekers recently interacted with the Founder & CEO of Stromonic, Natan Ray, to understand the company’s vision. Here’s an overview of the interview.

Journey So Far

Sharing his thoughts on starting his entrepreneurial journey, Natan realized the need to offer hassle-free yet cost-effective managed cloud & WordPress hosting solutions for clients to succeed online. While Natan already had experience in designing and developing WordPress websites for clients, the other co-founders are from a system administration background. 

Natan quoted saying, “We are the first India-based managed cloud platform, who successfully integrated Google Cloud services to offer eco-friendly & sustainable energy-powered hosting to its customers.”

As a result, Stromonic is powered by Google and implemented Cloud Load Balancer to ensure stability in performance. Thus, they decided to benchmark NGINX and LiteSpeed both. Offering multiple best-selling services on their platform, their best seller is an exclusive WordPress Hosting solution powered by Google Cloud + LiteSpeed, mostly loved by developers who enjoy managing servers independently.

Customer Feedback

Stromonic values trust and have a customer satisfaction rate of 97%. They’ve grown their services to their network through their reputation amongst existing customers. They are also feedback-oriented and constantly improve their processes based on clients’ needs. Another striking feature is their customer support services including ticket support, email support, live chat support, and telephonic support and They claim to respond to their support tickets within an average time of 15 mins.

“Amazing value delivered with the service, plus great support. The support team is very friendly to work with, listen to all queries and help accordingly. The best thing is, if you are unsure about selecting your web hosting, just go with Stromonic.” – Shanti Roy

Advice for Users

For website and business owners looking for a web hosting solution, Natan suggested not to compromise the quality at any cost. He quoted, “A hosting provider should provide quality hosting services with reliable after-sales support.” He also warned new users to not fall for the low-price trap and instead find out about the quality of infrastructure, backup mechanism and geo-redundancy.

Where Stronomic is Headed

Stronomic is striving to be a part of India’s tech growth journey. With the widespread adoption of the internet, the demand for managed cloud hosting solutions is likely to shoot up.  After capturing a good market share in the Indian market, Stronomic plans to expand to the United States, Europe and other Asian countries. However, it is currently not possible to expand in countries growing in Cloud Network like China and the Middle East owing to security issues and policies.

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