Top 13 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting (Updated)


Websites are essential for marketing, especially since it acts as a website’s business card for a company or an individual that runs the website. A website’s performance and quality will make a call on whether you will attract and receive customers or not and will decide your business’s success.

Today we are explaining why managed WordPress hosting service can be the best ever decision for your business website.

A managed WordPress hosting solution can be the peace of mind and can help you to scale your business to the next level. So without further delay, let’s get started.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a managed hosting type that focuses on and is specific to WordPress websites. Moreover, in addition to keeping up with all day-to-day server management tasks, a WordPress hosting provider service that comes under the managed umbrella looks into and takes care of administering and making your WordPress software to the optimum level.

When an enterprise provides additional services/support, it can significantly reduce the amount of work you need to do for your website. These providers will not let you take care of yourself but will play an active role in the health of your website, allowing you to get better results than without them.

Worrying about the small fixes is completely unnecessary. You can, however, turn to focus on putting out good content that could pique their interest. In the end, the sole aim is for you to decide if any of the hosting types are suitable and applicable that cater to all your business needs.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you have decided to launch your WordPress-based site, now you will start noticing 3 different kinds of WordPress hosting services. Most often people get confused over these multiple solutions, so we have decided to clear things out and provide you fundamentals of these solutions.

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting means your website will be hosted on a server where hundreds of other websites will be sharing the same server. The websites hosted in this shared hosting environment are isolated via software-based virtualized file system technology called “CageFS”. This kind of hosting comes with really cheap pricing anywhere between $2 to $10 each month.

Shared hosting is preferred by students and beginners who are tight budget and starting their first-ever website on the internet. As the cost says, this kind of hosting solution is NOT powerful, reliable, secure, and fast for your websites, as most of the shared hosting providers always remain cost-cutting – they don’t spend much money on the latest technologies and modern hardware, so this results in poor performance for websites hosted under this kind of solutions.

One of the major issues with shared hosting is that this kind of hosting comes with LOTS of hidden resource-based restrictions like Entry Process Limits, Total Number of Process Limits, Total Number of Visitors Limits on Apache, and many more.

Although the concept of shared hosting is not too bad, it exists for a reason. This is one of the entry-level solutions to bring your website online, if you are hosting just a 5-page HTML website, resume/portfolio website, or school/college project then this could not be better. But as soon as you will start receiving visitors to your website, then this solution might no longer be suitable for your website – you have to shift over to more powerful solutions out there.

3. VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server – a small piece of rented virtualized server, this kind of hosting solution is self-managed and requires system engineer level skills to install, configure and manage a server along with lots of free time.  You will be a solely responsible person if anything goes MESSED UP on your server, in all cases, backups are PAID and require upfront month payment, also you may have to set up the backup solution software from your end.

Prices of this kind of VPS WordPress Hosting solutions are also cheap starting from $5 to $12 a month. VPS is something that is very much flexible to install any kind of software or stack but in the end, it will cost you time and energy to make things up and running.

VPS is restricted by its CPU, RAM, I/O, and Read/Write limitations if you keep using 100% of your resources they might directly suspend your account for abusing the resources, VPS solution providers may also bill you an extra amount of money for utilizing more resources than allocated, also it’s not a scalable solution for growing websites, you would have to deal with a Solution Architect to setup load balancers, auto-scaling type high-end technologies. This does not make sense in the first place if you value your time.

3. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting stands for a fully managed hosting solution where all the technical terms will be managed by WordPress experts, even your website performance, security, and updates, so you can solely focus on your business growth and sleep peacefully at night.

This kind of hosting solution is fully optimized for WordPress-based websites and can be capable to host a massive number of visitors in real-time without any errors. The support experts of this kind of hosting solution are highly skilled and can resolve any kind of WordPress website-related issues.

Pricing for managed WordPress hosting generally starts from $14.95 to $89.95 and can go up to hundreds of dollars depending on your website’s monthly bandwidth consumption or the size of the website. Some of the popular managed WordPress hosting providers are Stromonic, WP Engine, Kinsta, and Pagely.

Large companies used WordPress to build their website, some examples are Microsoft News, BBC America, TripAdvisor Blog, and jQuery. Check out this article to find out more examples.

13 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Fast and Optimized Performance of Sites

If a managed WordPress host has opted, you will find that a huge benefit is that their entire technology stack is fabricated around the whole WordPress experience. This means your website may have better uptime, faster loading speeds, and fewer discrepancies than it does now.

It is very reoccurring to find that a lot of hosting providers mention caching. However, these caching tools are not commonly found to talk about specific needs that must be considered for WordPress sites.

With a hosted WordPress hosting, you will gain huge benefits from knowing how to properly optimize your server based on the theme and plugin you are running. Hosting providers also give performance enhancements that are key to the site’s functioning and more.

2. Reselling Ability for Hosting

Since WordPress powers more than 42% of the sites on the web, it is a known fact that there is a huge demand for hosting and an entire market of clients waiting for the same.

This is without a doubt the most aspiring feature of the WordPress services providing a large surface area containing multiple opportunities that lead you to think about reselling. Managed WordPress hosting provider acknowledges the same.

Moreover, they also encourage the idea of reselling their products as well. In fact, managed WordPress hosts generally largely simplify the process of reselling hosting, which in turn makes it easier to add a new source of income to your business.

3. Managed Hosting Helps You Focus on Business

A key advantage of opting for managed WordPress hosting is that they take up the burden of hosting the site while giving you the time to focus on your business alone.

The sole aim of managed hosting is to make the process of hosting your sites as simple as it can be. This gives you ample room to improve your business elements during the hours you would need to spend figuring hosting alone.

4. Increase in Security

In an area where hackers are constantly trying to steal as much as they can from various sites, setting up a site can be quite taxing. Attackers are always on the go, trying to undermine the website’s security to access private customer information. They also tend to show the website as a starting point for further attacks.

Keeping your website upgraded and up to date and fixing potential security vulnerabilities is a full-time chore, and it pays off to understand how your web hosting is affecting security.

5. WordPress Expert Support

The hosting host has a team of experts ready to solve any problems or concerns for you at any time. Many hosts have a contact list that is active 24/7, from live chat to phone calls. Someone manages it. Although you can get support for unmanaged hosting, it is usually not very personal.

Hosting the hosting service providers will guide you through the whole process, while traditional hosting services are more focused on helping you manage and control your website yourself.

Therefore, if you are unsure about dealing with technical issues, hosting will provide more support in this regard. This gives a means to having the fastest managed WordPress hosting.

6. Easy Access to Tools for Development

A managed WordPress host makes the tools of common developers to be accessed. This begins with the application for hosting. Some of the main actions that can be performed using managed WordPress host may include discarding the cache, turning on WP_Cache and WP_Debug, recording export, alternating development mode, database management, and even accessing the STFP.

Furthermore, there are staging sites and local development environments available with a managed host. The user can club on all features together, which makes it an efficient development workflow, regardless of the number of sites that the user works.

7. Going Beyond Server Seups with Different Features

One of the largest advantages of managed WordPress hosting is all of the other things it can do for your business, while fast and secure servers are critical to any high-performing website.

This includes collaboration features, workflow tools, and even educational resources. Hosting is more than just being a service provider. The best of the kind are mostly more likely to act as a business partners.

8. Too Many Plugins Wouldn’t Be Necessity

On partnering with a managed WordPress host, the hosting service provider takes it on themselves to provide their partner with basic site optimizers on behalf of the said partners.

Even though there is no problem with the plugin itself, it is generally considered best practice to use several plugins. The site seems to perform better, but it can more easily understand the latest situation of the plugin. The updated plugin provides better site security.

By managing the site on WordPress hosting, you can disable backup plugins, cache plugins, security plugins, and performance plugins. The following types of plugins can be deactivated while it is being managed by a WordPress host:
●  Security plugins
●  Backup plugins
●  Performance plugins
●  Caching plugins

9. Sites Working Much Faster

These days, young internet users do not react well to slow websites. Visitors will end up going to another place with your business if a web page takes more than even a few seconds to show up. Additionally, Google will also interpret visitors’ actions as disapproval of their website, degrading their website in the search engine results.

Therefore, you should always make sure your website is running as fast as it possibly can. If you are administering your website, you have many things to do to prevent your website from working slowly. It would be best to make sure that the server configuration is solid, that your website’s cache is devoid of code, supplements, and excessive images, and a storage solution is stored in the.

Hosting WordPress managed takes care of this for you, keeping your WordPress site that runs quickly at any time.

10. Staging Sites That Only Need One-Click

A prominent rule to avoid the risk of a white screen of death, always to make small changes in the staging environment of never editing production pages. It is a copy of your website in the development environment, making it a good place to conduct security trials before pushing changes to the production environment.

Even if you don’t call yourself a developer, it is an important addition to the workflow of any website owner.

Most hosted WordPress hosts come with a temporary site containing your plan or provide it as an add-on. On a general note, it takes only a few clicks to set up and make changes in realtime so that everyone can ensure the safety of their production site.

11. Easy Management of The Sites

When you use a hosted WordPress hosting to host your website, everything is fine and organized in one place. You don’t have to move back and forth between hosts. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about different settings.

Especially when you begin to grow your agency by working with more clients, simplifying your provider will save you a lot of time building a new website.

In addition to having a clean user interface to access your website, the hosted WordPress host will also handle updates for you, so your website is always up to date with the latest WordPress version. This usually includes WordPress core updates, PHP updates, and sometimes even theme or plugin updates.

Having many client sites can save you time and provide more bandwidth for new tasks. Using managed hosting is an easy setting for you and your customers.

12. More Value for Money

Companies with smaller budgets often look to hosting without being managed. This is because of the misconception that managed hosting can be expensive. However, it is important to note that the cheapest managed WordPress hosting is not always the best choice.

It is important to know the quality before purchasing it, even if you have to pay a little extra. Considering the enormous amount of additional value you get from WordPress Hosting, which is managed, it is now a truly effective option.

13. It is Very Simple

The most significant benefit of managed hosting is how easy your life will become when you choose it. If you have an existing website, the support team will help you migrate the website to a new host.

Managed WordPress Hosting is especially useful for beginners. Since virtual hosting has solved technical challenges, you can get more benefits from virtual hosting.

To conclude, it can be said for a fact that purchasing a managed WordPress hosting is the best decision you can take. We also provide WordPress hosting that you can definitely bank upon. Check out our managed WordPress hosting services.

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