#1 Kinsta Alternative: Faster, Smarter and Better (Winner Always)


If you are looking for a faster, smarter, and better Kinsta alternative as your managed WordPress hosting partner, then you have landed on the right page. Powered by custom-developed Cloud and CDN with an ultra-fast technology stack, your site will load faster than ever before. Thanks to our innovations, our platform is capable to manage MASSIVE amounts of visitors in real-time. Let’s explore why hosting your website on our managed WordPress hosting platform will be the best ever choice.


Kinsta is one of the pioneers of the managed WordPress hosting sector, started its operations in 2014. The managed WordPress hosting industry is changing rapidly every day and now every single website is different and requires different technology-based solutions.

They are solely focused on enterprise clients, so therefore it’s not suitable and value for money for small and medium businesses. Also, the low PHP Workers limits on entry-level plans make it less attractive for WooCommerce stores and Membership websites. Like every day, we talk with frustrated clients looking for a Kinsta alternative, who want to hear what makes Stromonic unique from Kinsta.

That’s why we are writing this article, to explain what makes Stromonic so different from its competitors like Kinsta, also we will explore the benefits of using Stromonic as your managed WordPress host.

How Stromonic Compares to Kinsta in a Nutshell

Before we jump into the detailed comparison between Stromonic vs Kinsta, let’s overview some key differences between us.

Stromonic is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution provider, that started operations in 2017 with the 7+ years of industry experience of founders. The founders of Stromonic developed hundreds of WordPress sites, themes, and plugins and configured & optimized thousands of servers before starting the company.

From the very starting day, we are doing innovations in our lab which made us rock-solid to manage high amounts of traffic, with freaking fast performance. Unlike others, we have removed third-party dependency from our infrastructure, by building our own Cloud (faster than 3-5x Google Cloud/AWS) and Content Delivery Network.

Here are some additional differences between Stromonic vs Kinsta include:

  • Stromonic is a leading premium managed WordPress hosting provider, that developed its own Cloud and Content Delivery Network. We offer different kinds of solutions according to your requirements, as we believe all websites are different and all-in-one solution plans may not fit your website. Where Kinsta’s plans are aggressively all-in-one focused, they assumed all WordPress sites will fit into their plans.
  • Stromonic’s cloud platform is built with 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, along with NVMe storage drives. Our processors are the latest in the industry and come with the fastest input/output capacity and blazing fast clock speed. Where Kinsta is using 2nd Gen GCP’s C2 VPS servers, along with slow SATA SSD drives. SATA SSD drives comes with 600MB/second read/write speed, whereas our NVMe drives come with 2000MB/second read/write speed. So, installing/updating any plugins, and themes, and making queries with the database will be executed in a nanosecond on our platform.
  • Stromonic does not restrict you to using any external backup and cache plugins, and never will be, as we believe as you are the website owner – you should have all the rights and control to use any plugin as per your wish. Kinsta has blacklisted many plugins on its platform and by doing this they are forcing its clients to adopt their ecosystem than third-party plugins.
  • We at Stromonic do not like to place any restrictions on your website’s monthly visitors, your hardly gained monthly traffic should not feel like a burden on your hosting bill. Overall your all success depends on it – so we DO NOT have any monthly visitors cap on our managed WordPress hosting plans. On the other side, Kinsta is based on monthly visitors cap pricing model – getting more visitors? Then you have to pay more with Kinsta. It’s never will be the case with us.
  • Stromonic’s servers are powered by LiteSpeed Enterprise which is 5X faster than NGINX and 28X faster than Apache, also LiteSpeed Enterprise comes with in-built layer-7 DDoS protection, and is also it’s capable to handle massive amounts of traffic whereas NGINX based servers may crash on the same situation. Kinsta’s servers are powered by the open-source NGINX web server, which is less fast than Premium LiteSpeed Enterprise and has less visitor handling capacity.
  • Stromonic has integrated Redis object cache on its platform for free of cost, which stores database cache in memory for faster performance. Unlike Kinsta, we are offering this free to our all clients – forever.
  • We at Stromonic, backup your entire website including all emails, files, databases, cronjobs, and custom configurations daily on external storage drives, and this is freely included in our all managed WordPress hosting plans. But, Kinsta is charging for this offsite backup function from their clients.
  • Stromonic does not limit PHP Workers on its plans, it is something that restricts running multiple PHP processes at the same time. PHP Workers are known to be limited by low-cost hosting companies, our all plans have unlimited numbers of PHP Workers allocated. As we don’t want to pull back your website’s growth by placing some PHP level limits. Kinsta has a low number of PHP Workers limits on all plans, and their entry-level plans are not suitable for multiple PHP processes generating websites.
  • Stromonic is using the latest version of the MariaDB database on its platform which is a better and faster replacement for the MySQL database. MariaDB comes with faster query execution, better I/O, and Read/Write than MySQL. Kinsta is still using MySQL database on its platform.
  • Stromonic CDN (content delivery network) comes with 93 global data centers all over the world which automatically store static files of your website and server those files directly from the nearest location of your website visitor. Where Kinsta has 34 CDN data centers globally.
  • Stromonic offer a one-time free website optimization service (worth $299) to its all clients after migration from a different platform to us. This includes Images, Database, CSS, JavaScript, HTML optimization, Redis cache setup, and many things. But Kinsta does not offer this kind of service.
  • Stromonic platform comes with 99.99% uptime SLA, which is one of the highest levels of uptime SLA commitment in the industry, unlike Kinsta which offers only 99.9% uptime with no SLA.
  • Stromonic has integrated real-time CloudScans on its platform which scans every single website hosted on its platform in real-time. If any of your website files got infected with malware, then our system will automatically isolate that file to another secured location and notify our system admins automatically. Unlike Kinsta, which does not have real-time CloudScans.
  • Stromonic regularly scans your website to find out vulnerabilities, it can automatically patch the vulnerability without any human interaction. Unlike Kinsta, which doesn’t have such features.
  • We at Stromonic is confident about our performance, that’s why we help our clients to perform Stress Testing on their site, it also helps to find hidden bottlenecks which could create performance issue. But Kinsta’s firewall banned all Stress Testing and they don’t allow it to do so.
  • Stromonic has a 45-day no question asked money-back guarantee – one of the longest in the industry. On the other hand, Kinsta offers only 30 days’ money back.
Try Us Risk-Free!

Stromonic is Designed for Performance and Scalability

If your website receives sudden load spikes our load balancers will automatically distribute the load to the backend servers and will spin up the resources automatically allocated to your site. So you never have to worry about website scalability. Be confident you are in safe hands, and it will scale automatically when required.

Kinsta on the other side, use LXD-based containers with shared resources, which means the CPU, and RAM will be shared with other users. Kinsta also commits auto-scaling but LXD containers only can scale resources within the same server which may reduce performance for other websites hosted on the same node.

Web Performance Benchmarks

We have used some open-source tools to identify the website performance difference between Stromonic and Kinsta hosting. We have installed the default WordPress on both platforms, with pre-installed plugins and themes.

To measure the overall loading time (in seconds) on different geographic locations, we have used the uptrends.com tool, and the below comparison is based on the tool results. Let’s have a look at the results (the lower the number is, the better):

Frankfurt0.197 second0.824 second
Amsterdam0.213 second0.819 second
Oslo0.306 second1.133 second

0.389 second0.743 second

Los Angeles
0.593 second0.407 second
Singapore0.673 second1.427 second
New York0.678 second0.369 second
Sydney0.963 second1.798 second

New Delhi
1.141 second1.973 second

As you can see, Stromonic won the performance test by beating Kinsta in 7 out of 9 tests.

Now, let’s compare the uptime history, at Stromonic we use UptimeRobot to monitor our uptime and the page is publically available here (Stromonic Status). On the other side, Kinsta also has a public status page. The reports are below:

Main Website100%99.98%

As per the historic report, Stromonc has better uptime than Kinsta.

Coming next, it’s time to check the load performance, for this we have used the K6.io tool.

HTTP Failures06
Peak RPS44.33 reqs/s41.67 reqs/s
Response Time103 ms493 ms

As per the results, it is clear that Stromonic is capable to manage the massive amount of traffic requests without any error. Our response time is much faster than Kinsta.

Stromonic’s auto-scale cloud infrastructure can spin up automatically when there is a traffic surge and can scale down when there is no need. This made the Stromonic platform unique from its all cometetitors. So, no matter what amount of traffic you are getting – it will be smoothly managed by Stromonic.

Also, the response rate is significantly lower than Kinsta, which means we have more advanced server-side caching technology in place which automatically cache your website and display the website from the cache without even touching the server resources for the next time the same user visit.

What’s BAD with Kinsta?

Infrastructure Limitations

Look today, we are going to tell you the truth. Hold on tight to your seat. Kinsta is based on Google Cloud’s C2 VPS servers. On top of that, they have installed Ubuntu-based LXC containers which are not something innovative like how they are marketing this. There are always better virtualization modules like KVM which is far better, secure, and isolated than LXC containers.

Running websites on LXC containers is really cheap and comes with high risk as well also it’s required nested virtualization supported servers. Google Cloud itself mentioned on their website that nesting on their VPS will significantly reduce the server performance and I/O as well. So by default, their container performance is degraded as compared to the main VPS node.

NO Security

What basically they are doing is, when you add a new domain name they create a new container for that domain, install their NGINX-based server stack on it, and nothing else. No security firewall, malware protection (they have free malware removal policy….. but wait why your website should get infected by malware in the very first place?). It means they actually don’t even have any malware protection and firewall security.

They are referring to Cloudflare for all possible website security, Cloudflare doesn’t have any malware protection because they are the only CDN provider they’re not a security solution. As you are running an LXC container with Kinsta, so implementing security software on each container will cost them $$$ thousands of bucks just to make your site secure from malware. So they are not doing this… just marketing Cloudflare for all their security solution.

Also, Kinsta is relying on Cloudflare for firewall protection, which means they don’t have any container end firewall protection. Your container is easy to vulnerable with malware and attacks.

False Bot Traffic Counts

Many clients of Kinsta reported they are getting false bot counts on their hosting plan same as WPEngine (they are also very popular on this). And the sad part is your Kinsta hosting plan is restricted to monthly visitors limit cap. So, it’s a huge pain in the ass, where Kinsta itself suggesting to use third-party security solutions to stop bots from visiting your site. Look at below:

Here is a review by one of Kinsta’s clients:

Only Marketing & No Performance

Kinsta is well known for its marketing activities, but does it really perform well in terms of performance? Talk is cheap, let’s do real tests. We have performed multiple tests over Kinsta and found these shocking results:

GTmetrix Performance

Their website performance itself is very poor, with very high TTFB (like a cheap host), very high TBT.

Load Testing Results

Kinsta load testing performance is very poor as well, their server was able to handle only 1225 HTTP requests, and the response rate started getting higher when it’s getting more HTTP requests. According to these tests, Kinsta’s server performance is very unstable with a high response time (493 ms).

Clients of Kinsta already started reporting bad load handling capacity, so the company Kinsta decided to blacklist all kinds of load testing tools – now no one could check their website’s load handling capacity. NICE.

Greed with Pricing

Kinsta’s pricing is starting from $30 per month which includes only 1 website hosting, and the plan only has a 25K monthly visitors cap. BTW… you should bother about website visitors and extra overage fees on your monthly invoice? Your website should have unlimited visitor handling capability. Wait… did I just say “Unlimited Visitors”?

Once upon a time, Kinsta also used to offer “Unlimited Visitors” on their plans, then suddenly they decided to make more money from their plans, so they decided to implement a monthly visitors cap. They promised they won’t limit the number of visitors or monthly page views on their plans, but they did and broke their promise.

The below screenshot is captured from the Kinsta website on 3rd April 2016.

Real Reviews by Kinsta’s Clients

While writing this article, we have found all Kinsta’s review contents are BISED and promoted by the affiliate program or direct $$$ money. So, we have decided to dig down, and here is what we have found. Angry Kinsta clients are everywhere…

#1 Kinsta Alternative: Faster, Smarter and Better (Winner Always)

For those who are looking for a better Kinsta alternative, with high-end performance, rock-solid security, no monthly traffic limits, ultra-fast speed, and load handling capability, then Stromonic is a better choice here is why:

How our performance is better than Kinsta’s so-called Google Cloud-based C2 VPS servers?

Own Cloud Infrastructure

Stromonic is not based on someone’s else cloud platform, in fact, we don’t want to be a hostage of a third-party cloud, where we have to run according to them, we don’t want to put limitations in form of ourselves. The majority of public clouds still use old CPU, hardware, and slow SSD SATA disks.

We have our own cabinets on large data centers with fully own latest next-generation hardware and ultra-fast NVMe drives.

We have built our own cloud from the ground, by using our own machines. The joy of freedom & flexibility.

Fast Server Stack

We are using LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers while Kinsta is based on NGINX web servers. LiteSpeed is far better & faster as compared to NGINX, it is capable of a massive number of HTTP traffic, by default it has DDoS protection and fast PHP rules. LiteSpeed TTFB is much faster, also it significantly reduces the server load and increases its performance.

LiteSpeed is capable to handle massive amount of visitors as compared to NGINX. Oh boy….


Our all-managed WordPress hosting packages come with a fast CDN (content delivery network) which will copy your website’s static files such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Images, and Videos in 93 different data centers around the globe.

Image Source: GTmetrix.com

So, when a visitor opens your website, your website will be served from the nearest data center for that visitor. Which significantly increases website loading speed and boosts core web vitals.

Server-Side Caching

We have implemented heavy server-side caching technologies on our all servers, which by default store your website static files and repeated database quires on the server RAM. So next time when someone will visit your website, it will be directly served from volatile memory.

The Redis, Memcached, LSCache, OPCache, and Auto Header Minifier technologies are integrated on our servers and can be enabled free of cost from the client control panel.

Auto Scaling

We don’t want to put any restrictions on your website’s success. That’s why we have implemented “Auto Scaling” on our platform, no matter how much traffic you are getting during the Black Friday sale or event time, we will automatically spin up your website with more resources and cool down to its normal stage with no human interaction.

Real-Time CloudScans

We scan your websites in real-time day & night – all the time, from our inception our clients never reported any malware infections. It’s because we have implemented a machine learning-based server security solution, which scans newly uploaded files in real-time and it will remove all suspected files from the server automatically.

It will also notify you of any possible vulnerability on your WordPress site, it can also patch vulnerable plugins or themes.

Daily Backups

We take backups regularly and save them in a safe different geographic location. For us, your backup is our priority, and we take it very seriously. If you are going to make a bunch of changes on your website and want to make a backup now, that is also possible free of cost from our easy-to-use control panel.

WAF & DDoS Protection

This is something where Kinsta is lacking badly. But we are not. We have not relied on third-party CDN for such sensitive security solutions, so we have implemented them from the server level. Our all servers are layer-7 DDoS protected with by default WAF (web application firewall) security features.

It will automatically blacklist attacking IP addresses, hackers, and SQL injections before even reaching your website.

Speed Optimization

Clients after moving from Kinsta to Stromonic, often see performance improvements up to 7X due to our faster server stack, LiteSpeed Enterprise, high I/O, better Read/Write, and Fast CDN.

Also, we will help you to optimize your website for better performance free of cost (worth value $299). This free optimization service is not available with Kinsta and never will be.

Stress Testing

We do allow load stress testing on our servers because we are open to the community and we are always transparent with our performance, that’s why we never blacklist stress testing. Stress testing is also a great way to identify bottlenecks of slow-performing plugins and codes.

Stromonic Performance – No Marketing Gimmicks

GTmetrix Performance

GTmetrix has given a straight “A” performance to our website, with ultra-fast TBT and TTFB.

Load Stress Report

Stromonic performed very well on Load Stress, its response time remained very stable under 200ms and it’s dropped down to 103ms due to server-side caching. It also handled more HTTP requests than Kinsta’s so-called C2 servers.

Stromonic Pricing: No Greedy Pricing

Our prices are starting from $14.95/month which includes 2 website hosting, 5GB disk space, 25GB CDN bandwidth, and free SSL, WAF & Staging.

Our plans are focused on multiple website hosting, and we don’t force our clients to pay more just because they are getting more visitors. Also, we don’t have any cheap PHP workers limits like Kinsta their Starter plan is unable to handle even a WooCommerce site.


Kinsta’s marketing strategies are misleading, they are partnering with BIG Publishers to misguide small website owners and bloggers to sell overpriced not value for money service which is not even fast & secure.

If you like us, don’t believe in marketing gimmicks, and only select which is giving you true value for money then try Stromonic instead. We are a far better Kinsta alternative.

If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll love Stromonic’s WordPress Hosting platform. Turbocharge your website and get 24/7 support from our veteran team. Our world-class hosting infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Let us show you the Stromonic difference! Check out our plans.

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