Growth Suite – The One-Stop Solution for Growing Agencies


Growth Suite is one of our recently launched one-stop hosting solutions for growing agencies.

Are you running a digital agency? And developing your clients’ sites with WordPress? Then our Growth Suite is what you need to succeed online.

Why our Growth Suite?

Our founders have been in the hosting industry from 7 long years, they have seen multiple solutions for growing agencies, but some pain points of agencies remain unsolved. What are they? 

There are thousands of web hosting companies, selling cheap-cost web hosting with no managed support means only server level support (forget about your WordPress). Still buying cheap cost web hosting for your clients, please don’t do this! They come with a slow loading speed, low uptime, overcrowded servers, with hundreds of hidden resource limits, which are not suitable for any real website.

Also, agencies who are using cheap reseller hosting also facing difficulties during scaling, again reseller hosting comes with lots of resource restrictions such as low CPU & RAM caps, EP & I/O limits and much more (sometimes hidden restrictions as well). Reseller hosting servers are often overly crowded with spammy users.

Reseller hosting also doesn’t comes with end user support, it means if your client facing issue, forget about the support. You will be liable to fix that.

So, scaling your clients’ sites during sudden traffic becomes impossible, how many times you got hitted by resource limits? Multiple times, right? I know.

Hosting your clients on VPS or Dedicated servers could become a nightmare with lots of goosebumps. You might have to sit on your chair till 4 AM to fix the server related issues such as but not limited to installing, upgrading, patching, security monitoring, uptime checking, taking backups, optimising performance etc. Oh, I forgot, DDoS attacks and brute force attacks could be cherry on the cake as well.

Why to put your entire business in straight DANGER? Trying to manage everything from server end to clients’ site development is a horrific idea. Managing servers require a Certified RedHat System Engineer degree to resolve all server related issues.

What is the Solution?

The solution is our Growth Suite Partner Program. 

Let our engineers handle all the backend server related tasks, while you solely focus on website development or SEO/marketing activities.

Our premium managed WordPress hosting platform doesn’t comes with any kind of harmful resource limits like cheap web hosting / reseller hosting plans out there. Our system will automatically help your clients websites to scale during load spikes.

Our support team is ready to help you and your clients concerns with upmost priority. We not just provide infrastructure level support, also help to resolve plugin/theme related issues as well.

Why should I use your Growth Suite?

– We are the only one on the internet, who offer 30% to 50% off on retail prices to agencies.

– We are they only one, who offer support to both for you and your clients.

– We appoint personal account manager for your success.

– We backup your all clients websites daily and store them on secure location.

– We partnered with big security solution providers, to offer you best in class security.

– Provide your clients WordPress Admin and secure FTP access.

– Easy to use Safe Staging Solution, make staging site live with just single click.

– Provide your clients premium content delivery network (CDN) for ultra fast loading speed at not extra cost.

Who should select this solution?

Our Growth Suite is ideal for freelancers, website developers, digital agencies, marketing agencies, and SEO experts.


Can I host more than one website per account?

There’s no limit to how many sites you can host with us.

Why Stromonic is a good option for web agencies?

We strive to save time for our customers, so they can focus on developing their business and achieve more satisfied clients. We do this by providing first class performance, responsive and knowledgable support, and a user friendly control panel.

Will our clients website load faster after migrating to Stromonic?

Yes, it really will load faster. Thanks to our ultra fast cloud infrastructure, and fine tune our hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce, we can proudly say that websites that migrate to Stromonic in general improve their loading time.

Can I try Stromonic free of charge?

Yes, we will migrate your website from any web host free of charge, and let you eveluate performance, support, and our control panel for 30 days. Get a quote today.

My agency continuing to grow and will you grow along with us?

Yes. Your personal account manager will collaborate with you, suggesting solutions that would suit your company and are in line with the objectives you are aiming to achieve.

Can you take care of my email and domain needs as well?

Yes. We can take care of your email accounts and domain names under the same roof. Unlike other providers, emails and domains are free of cost with our all subscriptions.

If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll love Stromonic’s WordPress Hosting platform. Turbocharge your website and get 24/7 support from our veteran team. Our world-class hosting infrastructure focuses on auto-scaling, performance, and security. Let us show you the Stromonic difference! Check out our plans.

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