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Google PageSpeed Insights: Get a Maximum Score of 100/100

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool

A seamless user experience on the website is one of the essential yet anticipated expectations. The more smooth the user experience, the higher the chances of conversions and leads. The loading speed of the website is one of the essential factors in improvising the user experience. The page speed of the website can have a direct impact on the quality score and Ad campaigns. But how can you ensure...

Build Powerful WordPress Websites With Pre-designed GraceThemes

Build WordPress Websites With Grace Themes

Are you dreaming to own WordPress websites? Well, you must be searching for a professional expert to take over the work. Well, it’s 2022, the age of digitization and simplicity, in which you can create WordPress websites on your own. With no technical or coding knowledge, you can use creative pre-designed themes just with simple taps. Keep reading to know in detail and some proficient theme...

How to Take a Screenshot of a WebPage with JavaScript


In this post, we will learn How to Take a Screenshot of a WebPage with JavaScript. Automatically creating a screenshot of a webpage used to be hard. Using puppeteer it became quite simple. Puppeteer is a headless Chrome Node.js API. So you can programmatically do everything you can do everything with it programmatically, that you manually can do with the Chrome browser. Take a Screenshot of a...

Google Updates Reviews Rich Results – Check Your Structured Data


Yes, you heard right: Google updates Reviews Rich Results. The goal is to improve the Reviews Rich Results for users and to “address” abusive implementation and impose limits to where rich results trigger. Additionally, the “name” property becomes required. Google Updates Reviews Rich Results The reviews rich results are explained in Google’s Review Snippet developer page. Google takes your...

Easy Ways To Create Custom Templates In PowerPoint

Templates In PowerPoint

Today, we can see that designers focus on developing custom branded templates that can stand high from others. Now with advanced AI technologies on layout, designs, colors, and fonts save designers time and keeps them adhered to their company’s brand guidelines. So, let’s find out what things are followed by brand managers, designers, and IT admin to Create Custom Templates In PowerPoint with...

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