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Things You Should Know About Stromonic

Things You Should Know About Stromonic

Stromonic is a premium managed WordPress hosting platform backed by its own Cloud Infrastructure which comes with 10TB/s ultra-fast backbone network speed. Being an independent cloud platform, we have customized our backend technologies for the best performance. Data Centers Currently, we have one data center region which is below. We have plans to launch multiple data center regions in our...

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Hosting Service


When starting an online business, it’s important to get the foundations right. Part of the process is setting up your website, and a good website comes with a dedicated hosting service. Having a web hosting service can improve your site’s performance, security, reliability, and uptime. But how to choose a web hosting service?  Choosing the best hosting service for your business website can be...

Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India (2021)

Dedicated Server Hosting in India

What is dedicated server hosting? Dedicated server hosting in India is a type of internet hosting that allocated a physical server or multiple physical servers to a single business customer. In addition to this, the customer is provided with complete control over the machine. Additionally, since the dedicated server hosting is completely isolated from one another, the users can use the resources...

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Configuration – Supercharge Your Site


Most of the users are not aware of LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Configuration – so today in this detailed tutorial you will learn about LiteSpeed Plugin Configurations. Page and image caching are some of the most beneficial things you can do for your WordPress website. When it’s done right (and when your server is running LSCache), it makes your website respond much more quickly. That gives a...

7 Reason Why Google Cloud is Best for WordPress Hosting


Choosing WordPress Hosting platform is as as important as choosing your co-founder, who can improve the efficiency, speed and performance of your website and overall business. Let’s find out Why Google Cloud is Best for WordPress Hosting. If you have a WordPress website and you are looking for hosting platform, we understand plethora of options available for you, makes your choice difficult...

What is Web Server and How it’s Work?


Have you ever wondered while browsing your favorite website, that what is web server and how do servers work? At the mention of web servers, a lot comes to mind as far as the internet is concerned. Web servers play a key role in internet-based communication without which we wouldn’t have any online experience. You wouldn’t even be reading this article. This is because this website is currently...

cPanel Git Version Control – Introduction


cPanel Git Version Control – Introduction cPanel has introduced a new feature called Git Version Control in its latest update to version 72. While git is largely popular with the development community and some advanced users it is a fairly new feature for the average cPanel user. Over the course of the next few blog posts, we would introduce git in general along with cPanel’s implementation of...

How to Install Missing MySQL Extension in cPanel/WHM


Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension, is a common issue that many users face after installing WordPress. This happens when the PHP installation on the server is missing the required MySQL extension that is required by WordPress to make connections to the MySQL database it is connected to. Worry not, this is quite easy to fix. There are different ways to fix this...

How to Protect Server After DDoS Attack?


DDoS attacks are not new in the cyberspace world. The past five years have seen a surge in these attacks and the DDoS landscape keep evolving as time goes by. So, what is a DDoS attack?  A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a nefarious cyber-attack that intentionally seeks to disrupt the normal flow of traffic to a server or blocks access of normal service by users by flooding or...

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