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Why Being a SysAdmin to Save $15/month Is a Bad Idea


You might have seen somewhere before that managed WordPress hosting is a waste of money when you could DIY (do it yourself) by renting out a server and managing everything on your own. Unfortunately, they never mention the dark side of it. For casual WordPress users, this DIY idea could be misleading, where it sounds to be pretty easy and cheap, but in the end, you could end up losing your...

Growth Suite – The One-Stop Solution for Growing Agencies


Growth Suite is one of our recently launched one-stop hosting solutions for growing agencies. Are you running a digital agency? And developing your clients’ sites with WordPress? Then our Growth Suite is what you need to succeed online. Why our Growth Suite? Our founders have been in the hosting industry for 7 long years, they have seen multiple solutions for growing agencies, but some pain...

How to Launch a Career in SEO and Digital Marketing?

Career in SEO and Digital Marketing

Are you looking to find a job in a thriving industry with professional talents and eager learners in great demand? A career in an industry that prides itself on a range of skills, from creativity and analysis to method and technology? A career that might allow you to choose internal or agency roles but is also suitable for remote working and freelance? Then a career in SEO and digital marketing...

6 Free Live Chat Softwares for Websites


Are you looking for Free Live Chat Softwares for your website? So, here you go! Free Live Chat Softwares for Websites is a live chat support & messaging application that focuses on  successful communication between  businesses and their customers. Modern and intuitive, was created to help you find an efficient way to bridge the communication gap, but is nevertheless...

Instamojo Review – Easily Collect Your Payments Online


Blogging as you know is a platform to interact with others, provide your audience with valuable resource and in return you expect to earn something from it, which is no bad. In fact, many startups and artists are starting to sell their creations online. While many are lucky in getting funding for setting up dedicated e-commerce stores, the smaller players find it hard to sell something online due...

How to Use Facebook Ads to Increase Likes for Facebook Page


Having more fans in your Facebook Page has a lot of benefits. If you have a blog and your regularly publish posts, you can share it in the fan page and people will discover your new blog post. It will result in getting more likes which helps in SEO – because the search engines pickup these social signals. Having an audience in Facebook also helps you get feedback about your products and services...

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