Zero to Millions: Case Study of ClaysBerry


Today we have invited Mousumi Roy, the CEO of ClaysBerry – a unique fashion brand, to share his journey with our audience.

Case Study of ClaysBerry

Stromonic: Hello Mousumi, thank you for being here with us. Can you start with a quick introduction to yourself and your work?

Mousumi Roy: Thanks for inviting me here. I am Mousumi, a housewife and a fashion designer in my free time. Before starting the online presence, I used to follow lots of designers, their fashion styles, their clothes, etc, which somehow inspired me to start my own venture.

I am really nerd about technology, so I hired an agency to build the store from scratch. It nearly took 2 months to build the store and integrate easy shipments, order tracking, email notifications, and so on. The business slowly started growing as I started campaigns on multiple Facebook groups and hired some influencers to promote my brand.

Stromonic: Can you test us more about your website

Mousumi Roy: ClaysBerry is a women’s ethnic wear fashion brand, which mainly deals with handcrafted clothes. The idea behind this is simple, I have a deep interest in fashion and designs and there is no proper online store, which is solely focusing on women’s ethnic wear, so I decided to start ClaysBerry.

Case Study of ClaysBerry

Within 6 months of our launch, I started getting lots of queries from interested buyers. Also, the sales rate is growing each month. I have successfully been able to generate enough amount, to hire some people for ClaysBerry, and most recently I have rented office space with a warehouse. In the last month (February, 22), I have touched 1 Million in monthly sales. It’s really a massive number for a simple housewife, I didn’t even imagine this number.

Stromonic: Who is your targeted audience for your online store?

Mousumi Roy: I am mainly targeting housewives who might be interested in ethnic wear for festivals or events between 18 to 45 age.

Stromonic: What challenges did you face in building the website?

Mousumi Roy: I had no idea about how things work to build an online store. I have designing skills but it did not help me to build the site. I had to hire an agency to create the store for me with the required elements like shipping, tracking, returns, reviews etc.

Stromonic: How were you introduced to Stromonic? What made you choose us as a hosting partner?

Mousumi Roy: Actually, I have migrated this store from WPEngine to Stromonic in 2022. Your hosting was recommended by our new maintenance agency.

Stromonic: Generally, what do you look for in a web host? What were your hosting challenges before moving to Stromonic?

Mousumi Roy: My top concern will be support along with security. The biggest problem while hosting our sites with WPEngine was they count fake bot visits, even if you work on your websites like designing, editing, uploading, they will count them as well. So, as an e-commerce site owner, my teammates and the maintenance have to work on the site daily – at least 12 times a day,  counting the visits is so annoying. My monthly expense with WPEngine was $233/month + over-usage cost of around $50 more.

Since I have moved the website to Stromonic, the Enterprise plan, I stopped worrying about visitor over-usage. This is actually why I moved over here.

Stromonic: Have we lived up to your expectations? What do you think of the quality of the services we offer?

Mousumi Roy: I am very much impressed with the service of Stromonic. Since the day-1 the support team helped to migrate our website, they also did some optimization on the site. Whenever my team needs any support, they are always fast on it.

Stromonic: Lastly, would you like to share anything with our audience?

Mousumi Roy: Once again, thanks for having me here today. Building a venture from scratch is hard, but when you get reliable people and support around you, things get smoother.

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