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Are you unhappy and actively looking for a Bluehost alternative? Look no further than Stromonic, powered by exclusive sustainable cloud infrastructure, a premium network, and the innovative platform to manage WordPress websites, that we can assure you have never seen.


Bluehost is a hosting solution company, founded by Matt Heaton in 2003, primarily offering low-cost hosting services to small bloggers and businesses. As not hosting is built in the same way, Bluehost in this case is using scalable infrastructure or innovative technologies like what we are using here at Stromonic.

Stromonic is a fully managed hosting platform, specialized to offer  WordPress hosting solutions for small businesses to large enterprises. Our aim is to deliver best-in-class performance, flexibility, security, and VIP support which is critically essential to scale a business to the next level.

Like every day, we talk with clients who are interested to know the difference between Stromonic vs Bluehost, that’s what we are going to discuss here! Let’s make it easy for you to decide which host could fulfill your growing demands.

How Stromonic Compares to Bluehost in a Nutshell

Before we jump into the in-depth analysis, we want to give you a fundamental difference between Stromonic vs Bluehost.

Stromonic is a managed WordPress hosting platform, that operates its own cloud infrastructure and premium network, powered by the latest AMD EPYC CPUs, Fast NVMe SSD drives, 10Gbps Network Backbone (connected with worldwide exchanges), and advanced technology stacks.

Stromonic is a category champion in SoftwareSuggest, one of the popular software review and comparison websites.

Bluehost on the other side is powered by outdated Intel Xeon CPUs, slow SATA SSD drives, 1Gbps Network Speed, and a basic technology stack.

Now let’s discuss the key differences between us:

  • Stromonic infrastructure is highly scalable and it’s designed to handle a MASSIVE amount of real-time traffic and load spikes. From a small business to a large enterprise, it’s suitable for all. Whereas Bluehost is a typical web host and is only suitable for beginners.
  • Stromonic’s managed hosting platform is built with 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, Fast NVMe drives, a premium network, and highly-optimized technology stack. Our hardware has one of the highest benchmarks in the industry, with the fastest input/output and clocking speed. On the other hand, Bluehost is using 2nd Gen Intel Xeon CPUs, SATA SSD drives, and a basic software stack.
  • Stromonic offers free site optimization, malware removal, website migration, enterprise CDN and geo-DNS with its all plans. Bluehost only offers Cloudflare’s free plan and does not offer any extra perks like Stromonic.
  • Stromonic has a 99.99% uptime guarantee along with SLA, which means we will compensate our clients if downtime fell from its standard. From our inception, we maintained 100% uptime records on our platform. But Bluehost does not have any committed uptime guarantee and SLA, which means downtimes can frequently happen with Bluehost.
  • Stromonic is using the latest MariaDB database for its platform, which is faster than MySQL and capable to handle large amounts of database connections while maintaining fast execution. Whereas Bluehost is using an old version of MySQL database which is not as fast as Stromonic’s database.
  • All our plans by default include free daily backup and on-demand backup service. Bluehost offers a backup solution on its costly Pro package only, and other packages are left with no backup solutions.
  • Stromonic live chat response time is 30 seconds and ticket system response time is less than 5 minutes on average. In Bluehost live chat you will have to wait in a queue until the previous client’s issue will be resolved then an agent will join you over live chat, and their ticket system response time is more than 30 minutes.
  • At Stromonic, we are using a Web Application Firewall (WAF), real-time CloudScans, Fain2Ban Protocol, Cloud Firewall, Layer-7 DDoS Protection, HotLink Protection, 2-FA Login Security, and many more advanced security solutions to offer a complete hack-free experience to our clients. Whereas Bluehost does not offer any such security features on its platform.
  • Stromonic offers developer-friendly features like Git, SSH, WP-CLI, Terminal, and SFTP. Unlike Bluehost which lacks such features.
  • We ping all websites hosted on our platform every 5 minutes, 288 times a day. Our system admins will be immediately notified in case of any downtime or time-out error. Bluehost does not offer any ping solution.
  • Stromonic’s dashboard includes easy cloning, safe staging, smart updates, themes and plugins manager, debugging, and lots of other site management tools. But the Bluehost dashboard lacks features.
  • We have included Redis and Memcached Object Cache technology on our all plans. Bluehost does not have object caching technology.
  • Stromonic allows multisite setup and 24/7 multilingual support with its all plans. Whereas Bluehost does not offer a multisite setup with its all plans and its support agents can only speak English.
  • Stromonic has one of the longest 45-day money-back guarantee policies, but Bluehost has only a 30-day money-back policy with hidden terms.

The last thing we would like to highlight is the billing structure, our billing terms are simple and straightforward. We have month-to-month billing and also have yearly/biennially/triennially billing, but Bluehost does not have a monthly billing cycle and forces you to pay for full-year up-front.

Try out our premium managed WordPress platform and experience the difference by yourself. Register an account with Stromonic today.

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Stromonic is Built for Performance and Scalability

Our platform was built to handle sudden spikes in traffic, and we ensure that the site is hosted here always benefits from our best-in-class scalable cloud infrastructure. We have differentiated ourselves from the traditional hosts out there and made our innovative platform to host WordPress in our own way.

We have rejected third-party public cloud infrastructure and built our own Cloud, which is significantly faster than the so-called GCP/AWS, in terms of the CPU benchmark our Cloud has a much better score. Building our Cloud infrastructure from the ground helped us to maintain excellent quality control and flexibility over our infrastructure.

Bluehost Alternative - Customer Review

With our flexible cloud infrastructure, you can scale your website easily. Also, our MariaDB database is hosted in localhost, instead of a remote database server to provide quick loading times and faster queries.

The super-fast speed and performance of our platform are also fueled by our server-side advanced caching technology, which eliminates the need for third-party cache plugins. Our smart caching technology will also help you to reduce your website load, and accelerate the speed of your websites.

Bluehost doesn’t use any server-side caching system, and they only rely on basic Cloudflare CDN. At Stromonic, we use the fastest caching technologies and premium CDN (content delivery network) in the industry.

Web Performance Benchmarks

These performance benchmark tests were run by installing WordPress and importing the dummy content on both platforms with the same theme and plugin installed.

KeyCDN Performance Test tool has been used to measure the overall TTFB from 10 different regions. The lower the loading time is better for performance. Here “ms” means millisecond and “s” means second.

Frankfurt99.65 ms2.98 s
Amsterdam117.82 m1.19 s
London142.21 ms748.44 ms
New York399.73 ms1.41 s
Dallas517.22 ms436.89 ms
San Francisco648.96 ms345.69 ms
Singapore574.33 ms693.4 ms
Sydney655.17 ms732.08 ms
Tokyo883.74 ms658.22 ms
Bangalore700.87 ms868.48 ms

Here, Stromonic won the performance test by beating Bluehost in 7 out of 10 regions. Now, let’s compare the uptime history of both platforms.

For uptime checking, we have used the Pingdom Uptime Monitoring tool and observed the uptime for over 120 days.

Uptime Record100%99.81%

As we can see, Stromonic also outperformed on the uptime record by providing whooping 100% uptime, whereas Bluehost has frequent downtime issues.

Now on the last test, we will use the K6 tool, to send concurrent visitors to both platforms, and see which performs better.

Total HTTP Requests1 365 reqs1 292 reqs
HTTP Failures0 reqs0 reqs
Peak RPS44.33 reqs/s42 reqs/s
P95 Response Time118 ms635 ms

Again Stromonic won the test by delivering a super-fast response time, whereas Bluehost’s response time started giving poor results when it started getting more visitors at a time.

Safe and Secure

At Stromonic, we know the importance of security for your websites. That’s why we take our platform security so seriously. You can rest assured that our platform is protected by multiple security layers to provide your website with a complete hack-free environment.

We pro-actively scan your website and remove suspicious codes before harming your site and our network is DDoS protected, it can detect attacking IP addresses and blacklist such IPs and ISPs from entering our network.

Our security features include:

  • We offer end-to-end encrypted SFTP Protocol for secured file transfer. Plain FTP could expose your sensitive login details, so we don’t allow risky FTP connections.
  • Stromonic platform is secured by WAF (web application firewall) technology which will protect your website from multiple cyber threads like Brute Force attacks, SQL injections, Cross-Site Scripting, Port Scanning, DoS attacks, etc.
  • Our platform is Layer-7 DDoS protected, which can automatically blacklist DoS attacking IPs and can also show captcha to malicious connections.
  • Stromonic platform includes a real-time CloudScan feature, which will scan your website 24/7.
  • Each website hosted on our platform is isolated through software-based isolation technology.
  • Our platform is utilizing our in-house developed Cloud Firewall, which can actively detect suspicious connections to your website and blacklist them.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is integrated into our platform, to offer you a secure login experience.
  • Our system takes regular backups of your websites and stores them on completely secured storage servers.
  • SSL certificates can be issued from your dashboard with simple clicks.

Our system has automatic vulnerability detector functionality and it will notify you when an outdated buggy plugin is identified. In rare case scenarios, if your website got compromised while hosting with us, we will fix your website free of cost.

Stromonic is Developer-Friendly

The majority of our team members are WordPress developers, they have designed and developed hundreds of WordPress sites, created custom themes, and plugins. So while building Stromonic, we have created some extra tools with developers in mind.

Our platform will deliver a developer-friendly experience while maintaining its simplicity. As a fully managed WordPress hosting platform, you will have access to our wide variety of developer-friendly features and tools which will increase your productivity and site management flexibility. Unlike Bluehost, which doesn’t offer such developer-friendly features.

Here are some developer-friendly features which are included with our all plans:

  • SSH, Terminal, WP-CLI, Git, and SFTP access to our all hosting plans.
  • Node.JS, Python, Ruby application manager.
  • Direct file manager access to your website to modify your codes.
  • Latest PHP versions with PHP settings and extensions.
  • One-click Cloning, Safe Staging, and Smart Updates from your dashboard.
  • WordPress debugging feature and error log reading.

We at Stromonic is actively helping non-profit organizations to bring their website online, also sponsoring open-source projects which are helping thousands of peoples out there.

Optimized for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

If you are a WooCommerce store owner, you know that performance, speed, and infrastructure scalability is crucial for your business. As eCommerce sites are resource-demanding and require more power to run efficiently, that’s why we have made our platform in such a way, that it could handle the growing and demanding eCommerce sites smoothly.

Our platform is specially optimized to deliver super-fast performance and speed to your WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads sites. We do this in multiple ways, including:

  • Smart caching technology for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads site, which will automatically exclude some pages from our caching layers, such as Checkout, Cart, and My Account Pages.
  • Redis object cache for large websites and retailers that receive a lot of database queries. It will reduce database load and improve the website’s performance.
  • Delivering static files such as Product Images, website CSS, JavaScript, and HTML codes from our premium CDN.

Bluehost does offer WooCommerce installation on its platform, but it’s not powered by the same innovative technology as Stromonic. Also, the Bluehost platform is not much scalable, if you started growing your site, you may experience slowness and performance issues.

Dashboard for Powerful Site Management

We have designed and developed our platform for easy WordPress site management. We love minimalistic design, that’s why you will find our dashboard so simplistic yet so powerful. From installing WordPress to managing multiple sites from the same dashboard, Stromonic got you covered.

Bluehost also offers a custom dashboard for website management, but that is not much feature-rich and user-friendly as the Stromonic dashboard.  Take a look at our dashboard from the below screenshot.

Bluehost Alternative - Stromonic Dashboard

Some features of the Stromonic dashboard include:

  • One-click latest version WordPress installation, easy login to WP Admin, safe staging, debugging, and site cloning.
  • Easy Theme and Plugin manager and updates from the dashboard.
  • Detailed analytics of website visitors, bandwidth consumption, and resource usage.
  • The ability to change PHP versions and settings for your websites when needed.
  • Email account creation, management, email access, and integration on mobile app or website.
  • phpMyAdmin access to modify your database values directly.
  • SSL certificate installation, renewal, import options.
  • File Manager access to your website, to view, or modify your site codes.
  • Auto and On-Demand backup generation with download option.
  • Cron Job setup feature for scheduled scripts running.
  • DNS manager for easy DNS records management.
  • Single-click website optimization option.
  • IP address blacklisting tool, which lets you quickly deny an IP accessing your site.
  • Node.JS, Python, Ruby application manager options.
  • Hotlink Protection lets you block other websites showcasing your website images. 

Come on, let’s experience the simplified dashboard by yourself, and be a part of this amazing digital experience. We are actively listening to our clients, their needs, and feedback and improving our dashboard every passing month.

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Super Hero Support for WordPress

At Stromonic, we operate and manage a creative team of System Engineers and WordPress Developers, who love to do their job with a passion. All our team members have gone through extensive training sessions and certification examinations.

We know the importance of support for your business, that’s why we take support seriously. We offer 24/7/365 round-clock support to our all clients, regardless of your plan. We treat our all clients like VIPs, and we go above and beyond to help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Our average response rate in the live chat system is just 30 seconds, and we have a 100% solve rate of all issues. No problem is too big or too small for us, you can rest assured that you will receive expert support while resolving your issue.

Bluehost Alternative - Customer Review

You will receive multilingual support from our support experts, just initiate a conversation with your own mother tongue and see the magic. Signing up with Stromonic means you will become a Crown Member of this VIP community, which comes with lots of benefits. No matter the day (even on Xmas day) or time (even at 4 AM), you will receive a quick response and resolution.

Our support channel includes Live Chat, Ticket System, Email, Phone, and Skype (Yes! Skype support, we are the only one in the industry who is offering this kind of support to our VIP clients). We also monitor your site every 5 minutes, if something goes wrong our system engineers will be instantly notified before a client even reaches out to us.

Where on the other end, Bluehost does not offer a variety of support channels, and their support agents only speak English. So this could be an issue for clients from non-English speaking countries. As we have previously discussed that they don’t have uptime commitment, so you could experience frequent downtime, and when this happens their support goes creepy.

Bluehost is not a managed WordPress host, so if something goes wrong with your website, you will be left out with no choice rather than creating a new one from scratch, as they don’t offer website backup with their all plans, so there is no way of getting your website files back.

Also, Bluehost promises to have 24/7 support, but they do not always respond in minutes. You could have to wait longer than usual for someone (agent) to join their live chat and resolve the issue.

Growth Suite Program

At Stromonic, we have a special Growth Suite Program for WordPress agencies, developers, freelancers, and value-added resellers. You can partner with us for your web solution requirements, and we will showcase your brand in our agency partner directory.

Our Growth Suite comes with lots of benefits and advantages, like:

  • 10% to 30% recurring discount on your hosting bill, the more you order services the more discount will be.
  • White gloves support your all clients, so you can focus on more important tasks.
  • Personal account manager for you, to make our partnership better.
  • Regular backups of your all clients’ sites, so you can have peace of mind.
  • Our exclusive Growth Class, Webinars, Events, and Party invitations.

Interested to join us as Agency Partner? Have a conversation with our team today and enjoy exclusive benefits and perks.

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Free WordPress Site Migration

At Stromonic, we offer free unlimited website migration support with our all plans, be rest assured all your sites will be smoothly migrated to our platform without any downtime, our migration experts will do the entire migration process, so you can sit back and relax.

To start the migration process, you just have to fillup our migration form and share your previous hosting details, and we will do the rest. Our migration experts will also help you with the DNS changes, CDN integration, and website migration services when the migration will be completed.

Our migration expert team is specially trained to migrate websites from different platforms, and control panels. Even if you are not using any control panel, they can still migrate your website to our platform.

Where Bluehost does not offer any free website migration service, you will require to purchase their website migration service add-on by paying $149.99 (only for 5 website migrations).

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Content Delivery Network

At Stromonic, all-managed WordPress hosting plans come with a premium content delivery network (CDN) which will help you to boost your website performance. It has 93+ global edge points which will store static files of your website and showcase them to your visitors from the nearest edge point.

Our premium CDN comes with HTTP/2 protocol and IPv6 address support, also it can significantly reduce your website load and bandwidth consumption by distributing the load to its load balancer technology.

On the other side, Bluehost offers a free version Cloudflare plan, which has a slow response time, congested network, and downtime issues.

Stromonic Affiliate Program

We are proud to offer one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry, our affiliate partners can earn between $30 to $180 per successful referral. Not only that, being an affiliate partner with us, you will receive an affiliate manager for your account, who will guide you on your affiliate marketing journey.

We also offer custom affiliate banners and exclusive coupon codes for our affiliate partners. We have both PayPal and Bank Transfer withdrawal methods and a quickly weekly payout option.

Stromonic always fulfill clients’ expectations which helped us to become one of the fastest-growing managed WordPress hosts, in fact, most of our clients themselves are our highest earning affiliate partners, who fall in love with our service and love to recommend us to their network.

Our affiliate marketing dashboard is in-house developed, with simplified UI/UX (as we like minimalistic design) with no clatter and confusing options – really straightforward. So you no more have to deal with confusing third-party affiliate dashboards, say welcome to Stromonic Affiliate Program.

Some exciting perks which our affiliate partners will receive include:

  • Personal affiliate manager to increase your sales through the affiliate program.
  • Custom banners and coupon codes are only for your audience.
  • On-time weekly payment via PayPal and Bank Transfer.
  • Exciting goodies and gifts directly to your doorstep, for our highest earning affiliate partners.
  • Special Webinar and Event invitation.

Bluehost also has an affiliate program, but it’s not as attractive as Stromonic. They offer only $65 per successful referral and do not offer any custom banner or coupon code for affiliate partners.

End of The Battle

Stromonic offers the best-in-class flexible and scalable infrastructure for your online business to scale when it comes to performance, speed, and security Stromonic will be a much better choice, always. Also, our partnerships with technology providers, help us to create a delightful experience for our clients.

Bluehost offerings are beginner friendly and suitable for small websites where the Stromonic platform is designed to handle the dynamic load and massive traffic spikes. Also, our platform comes with wide range of tools and features to manage and grow your online business.

In the end, it is not a comparison, only Stromonic has the power, flexibility, and scalability to empower your business growth. We are confident in our service offerings and want you to be completely happy with our platform. That’s the reason we offer a long term 45-day money back guarantee and we have month-to-month billing cycles. Finally ready to scale your business to the next level? Get your managed WordPress hosting plan today!

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