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If you are looking for the best web hosting forums to promote your business or would like to increase your brand awareness, or love to engage with the community then this post will be useful and informative for you.

Web hosting forums are the community of both users and web hosting providers, where users and hosting providers engage with each other.

Mostly, users share their problems, and web hosting providers share their experience on resolving the problem.

Web hosting forums are also a great way to keep updated about the latest web hosting news.

Web hosting providers can also post offers on a specific section (usually called marketplace) of the forum for free.

So, web hosting forums are a great way to drive traffic, leads into your website at no cost.

Our company Hivalidity is much active on all major web hosting forums, so we will share which web hosting forums we have found useful and can drive leads into your website. So, let’s start.

Best Web Hosting Forums List:


WebHostingTalk is the world’s largest and popular web hosting forum, it was founded in 1998.

Till now it’s the most actively engaging discussion forum. You will find all major web hosting updates, discussions on this forum.

You can ask for advice for your web hosting business or post your website’s current running offers, completely free.


LowEndTalk is a well-known active web hosting forum. It’s very popular among it’s users, and it’s engagement rate is quite high.

It’s rules are very different than WebHostingTalk, so before jumping on any post, be sure to read their community rule and selling rules carefully.


HostingDiscussion is counted amongst the most interactive web hosting forums as of 2021.

It has more than 20,000 active users with over 230,000 posts and almost 70,000 threads.

The interface is simplistic and the users find this forum to be rather uncomplicated. You can search your desired discussion or you can scroll through the latest posts; whichever action best suits you.


HostSearch is another web hosting forum, containing 181,837 registered members with over 68,065 threads and 327,370 posts.

However, the engagement level of the HostSearch forum is quite low and less actively monitored by modarators.


VPSBoard is another web hosting forum with 6,725 registered members, 15,193 threads.

They have implemented some extra boards like Tutorials & Guides, Questions and Answers.

However, we have found that VPSBoard is less actively managed by moderators, and the rules are not strict as WebHostingTalk or LowEndTalk.


NetHostingTalk is a very new web hosting forum, was created in 2017. This forum have 951 registered members with 651 threads.

This forum have similar web hosting categories like WebHostingTalk, and we have found the forum engagement rate is quite low.


LowEndSpirit is another growing web hosting forum alternative of LowEndTalk.

LowEndSpirit community rules are similar with LowEndTalk and most members of LowEndTalk can be found there. The engagement rate of this forum is high.

Well, there you have it; Best web hosting forums you could easily choose from.

All of these forums have been personally tried out by our team and therefore, we’ve decided to number them according to their engagement and the count of recent discussions and topics of each.

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